Lightning Arrow Deadeye

Last Updated: August 15th 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

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Warning: Lightning Arrow is a Mid Budget Deadeye Build costing around 50 Divine Orbs. If you are looking for a Starter Ranger Build check our Leaguestarters.

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye is a great mid-budget ranged bow build that stacks Life Regeneration to achieve high uptime on Berserk.

It is a mapping beast capable of farming at high efficiency with a mid-range budget. If you want a build that fires countless projectiles that chain through every enemy and moves at very high speeds this is the build for you!

Build Rating


Skills & Showcase

Lightning Arrow

Vaal Lightning Arrow is your primary skill and is used to do the majority of the damage while clearing maps.

Ascendancy Breakdown

The Deadeye many speed mapping enhancements such as, Additional Projectiles, Chain and Damage.

  • Gathering Winds provides 20% action speed multiplying your Movement and Attack Speed.
  • Far Shot provides massive damage when attacking from a distance. When damage is a priority position yourself further away.
  • Endless Munitions provides two additional projectiles, improving clear and damage substantially.
  • Focal Point provides some defense while mapping, and a substantial damage boost from Marks.

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