[Outdated/Nerfed] Fireball Cast on Crit Deadeye


Warning: Fireball Cast on Crit is a High Budget Deadeye Build costing in excess of 150 Divine Orbs as it needs expensive Unique Items. If you are looking for a Starter Ranger Build check out the Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder.

The Cast on Crit Fireball Deadeye uses Wand attacks to trigger hundreds of Fireballs per second. These then chain around the screen before returning to you at the end for massive boss damage.

This Deadeye is a mapping beast with massive boss damage when geared correctly. If you want a build that demolishes everything on- and off your screen, with hundreds of projectiles while you can hardly see what's going on, this is the build for you!

This Guide sometimes refers to "Cast on Crit" as "CoC" for easier readability.

You can find the Changelog on Page 5.

Build Rating


Skills & Showcase

Kinetic Blast + Cast on Critical Strike

Kinetic Blast is our Wand attack of choice. Its only purpose is to activate Cast On Critical Strike Support which then triggers Fireball multiple times per second. We are basically a caster that scales with attack speed instead of cast speed.


Fireball is our main skill, which gets activated by attacking with Kinetic Blast through Cast On Critical Strike Support. Usually, only one Fireball Projectile can hit an enemy per cast, but with the help of the Nimis Unique Ring, the Fireballs that we shoot out return back to us. This results in hundreds of Fireballs exploding on top of us, which all overlap or "shotgun" the enemy.

Sniper's Mark

Sniper's Mark is an enemy debuff that makes Projectiles split outwards from your target. Marked enemies take increased projectile damage, making this a premier skill against bosses. For easier use, we automate this skill by using the Mark On Hit Support.

Shield Charge

Shield Charge is a Movement Skill that lets you charge towards a targeted location. Both Attack and Movement Speed make this skill faster.

Ascendancy Breakdown

The Deadeye is our Ascendancy of choice, as it provides additional/chaining projectiles, Movement & Attack Speed and a ton of extra Mark Effect.

  • Gathering Winds provides more Action Speed, which includes Attack, Cast and Movement Speed.
  • Ricochet gives you an additional Chain and lets Projectiles bounce off of terrain, making indoor mapping a lot more comfortable than usual.
  • Endless Munitions grants 2 additional projectiles, to both your initial Kinetic Blast as well as your Fireball.
  • Focal Point grants huge increased effect for your Sniper's Mark, resulting in improved boss damage.