Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder


The Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder is a Leaguestart Allrounder that kills enemies by throwing Poisonous Flasks while being able to facetank most enemies.

This build doesn't require any specific Uniques and is incredibly easy to gear. Therefore it excels for new players trying to learn and explore the game.

Gear Overview

Strengths and Weaknesses

Very Low

Skills Breakdown

Poisonous Concoction

Poisonous Concoction is an unarmed skill that throws flasks at enemies, poisoning them in the process.
Whenever you attack with it, you remove 2 Life Flask Charges (if possible). Then, you deal extra damage equal to a percentage of the Life that would've been recovered if the Life Flask in question was used.
This means that crafting your Flasks is extremely worthwhile, similar to how other builds craft their weapons.

Plague Bearer

Plague Bearer takes a portion of the Poison Damage you deal and stores it. After it's fully charged, you can release it to unleash a Poisonous Aura around you that melts every foe in it's way.

Wither Totem

This Totem debuffs enemies with the Wither spell, applying a debuff that slows enemies and makes them take extra Chaos Damage.


Our Auras are used for defensive purposes:
1) Determination to reduce incoming Physical Damage.
2) Grace to grant a chance to avoid enemy attacks outright.
3) Defiance Banner grants you both Armour and Evasion Rating, synergizing well with our other Auras.

Shield Charge

Shield Charge is our main Movement Skill. You charge ahead with your Shield, getting faster the more Movement and Attack Speed you have.

Ascendancy Breakdown


The Pathfinder enhances your Flasks and Poison Damage while giving you a much needed form of Life Recovery.

  • Nature's Reprisal increases your Damage and gives you much needed Area of Effect.
  • Master Toxicist grants us a Damage bonus and spreading Poisons whenever an enemy dies.
  • Nature's Adrenaline increases our Movement and Attack Speed, but more importantly enables us to take:
  • Master Surgeon which Recovers us 6% Life whenever we activate a Flask. This can be automated using certain combinations of mods, which are explained in detail later in the article.

For more Information on how to get your Ascendancy Points, check out our Lab Guide.


In general, Poisonous Concoction can switch between a ranged or melee playstyle. While throwing flasks from range gives you more safety, being in your enemies face provides more overlapping explosions.


This build has a fast-paced mapping playstyle that uses Shield Charge to get from A to B while throwing Poisonous Concoction at enemies. Whenever it's off-cooldown, use Plague Bearer to get a Poisonous Aura around you and kill enemies without having to attack. Only use your Wither-Totem on map bosses or tanky Rare Monsters.

Mapping is where this build excels, so choose the content you run accordingly!


The way you approach bosses depends on your gear level and the difficulty of the fight. In easier fights, you can face tank enemy hits while keeping up your damage at all times, outleeching most of the enemies hits. You may need to kite harder foes and adjust to a ranged playstyle. Keeping your Wither Totem up is vital since it enhances your damage potential significantly!

Build Scaling


We scale Poisonous Concoction's Poison Damage. Poison is a Chaos Damage over Time Ailment that can stack infinitely, increasing it's damage accordingly.

It is also an attack, so Accuracy needs to be considered in order to dish out the most damage possible.

Modifiers that scale Poisonous Concoction's damage are:

  • Increased Poison/Chaos Damage
  • Increased Damage over Time
  • Increased Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
  • Increased Attack Speed

The Pathfinder excels at using Flasks for Defense and Offense. Flasks matter and they can make or break your Defensive setup. You need:

  • Armour and Evasion from Gear, Flasks, Skill Tree and Determination
  • Capped Elemental Resistances at 75%
  • 100% Spell Suppression
  • Corrupted Blood Immunity
  • Stun Immunity
  • Life Recovery from Master Surgeon coupled with automatic Flasks and Life Leech from Clever Thief
  • Immunity to Critical Strikes

The above defences grant tremendous mitigation against both attacks and spells. Couple that with avoidance through Evasion, different Life Recovery options and a optional safe playstyle from afar, and you have a solid defensive web.

Leveling section by Tytykiller

Key Leveling Notes

This build is incredibly smooth to level once the player reaches level 12 and gains Poisonous Concoction. I recommend pasting this regex into the Search Bar of Vendors selling Armors and Weapons when you go back to town:


Paste this in the vendor window in-game and it highlights four links, movement speed boots, and items with Green-Green-Green (GGG) sockets. This is called a regex filter, and is imperative to finding important items quickly!

Campaign Step By Step

Beginner players should follow Enki's Campaign Progression guide.

The levels listed below are based on speedrunning. Always be greater or equal to the levels listed.

Step-By-Step Poisonous Concoction Skill Gem Progression
Open leveling skill tree in new tab

Mapping Preparation

You're done with the Campaign and are ready to take on Path of Exile's Endgame. Priority 1 is capping your Elemental Resistances (75%) and having sufficient Attributes to continue leveling your Skill Gems. Use Essences you have gathered on any item that is not Magic or Rare already. Items with an open modifier slot can be crafted on. Head to the Crafting Bench and craft the Resistances you need and Life wherever else possible.

Map Modifiers

Avoid (or cautiously run) the following modifiers:

  • Avoid Chance to avoid Poison because you can't Poison frequently enough!
  • Avoid Enemies have +x% Chaos Resistance because it significantly decreases your damage!
  • Take care of -% to maximum Resistances because you then get destroyed by Elemental Damage!
  • Avoid Reduced Effect of Auras because it reduces your Armour and Evasion, making you vulnerable to attacks!

Recommended Farming Content

The first step is to progress through the Atlas following our Atlas Progression Guide. As an allrounder/mapping character, you can do most content in the game but excel at rushing through maps and Heists. If you're struggling in higher tier content, step back and farm up more Currency and Gear. To learn how to maximize currency with all the different League Mechanics, click the links below:


Pantheon Planner

For information about the Pantheon and how it works, don't hesitate to consult our Pantheon Guide!

For Major Pantheon, select Brine King to gain Immunity to Freeze and Reduction of Chill Effect. This bonus is not baseline and needs to be acquired with a Divine Vessel.

For Minor Pantheon, select Abberath and upgrade it. This grants you defences, but most importantly Immunity to Burning Ground.

Skill Gems

Gems are a fundamental part of your build. Getting the correct link setups before entering Maps and leveling those Gems as you progress through the Atlas is one of your main goals. This is how your Gem Setup should look like before entering Maps:

Use Slider to see Skill Progression

Poisonous Concoction

Poisonous Concoction is our main damage dealer. Add Greater Volley Support and Greater Multiple Projectiles Support to throw more flasks at once. These flasks can overlap on targets to deal greater single-target damage.

After that, add Unbound Ailments Support for a longer Poison Duration. Once you have more than 4 Links to work with, add both Void Manipulation Support and Vicious Projectiles Support to deal more damage!

Once you have a higher budget, upgrade these Support Gems to their awakened versions, which are: Awakened Vicious Projectiles Support, Awakened Void Manipulation Support, Awakened Unbound Ailments Support and Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles Support.

Plague Bearer

Plague Bearer serves as an extra clear speed tool. Since it already scales off of your abilities damage, you can't support it with anything that gives it "more damage". All you can do is improve it's level with Empower Support or it's area with Increased Area of Effect Support.

Wither Totem

Wither applies an incredibly strong, stacking debuff to an enemy, which can almost double your damage. This is your bread and butter in boss fights and needs to be up at all times against them.

You achieve this by putting the Wither spell on a Totem via Spell Totem Support. You then use Multiple Totems Support to summon up to 3 totems instead of 1. The finishing touch is the Faster Casting Support which lets the totems apply the Wither Stacks faster!

Shield Charge

Shield Charge is your main Movement Skill. It scales off of your Attack and Movement Speed, so keep a good balance of those and you can rush through maps in no time! The Faster Attacks Support is there to help out with the Attack Speed part.


These do not have to be linked or even in the same item, they are just grouped to have an easier overview!

You use Determination and Grace as your main defensive auras. They provide you with Armour and Evasion, giving you formidable defensive layers.

The rest of your Mana Reservation goes towards Defiance Banner, which compliments your other 2 Auras.

Other Utility Gems

These do not have to be linked or even in the same item, they are just grouped to have an easier overview!

Molten Shell provides you a huge defensive shield that scales with the amount of Armour you have. It's an instant skill, so you can simply put it on your left-mouse (walk) and it activates whenever it's cooldown is up.

Blood Rage gives you extra Attack Speed and Frenzy Charges on kill. It applies a small Life Degeneration to yourself as a payoff, which is easy to handle with your Life Leech and Life Flasks.

Ancestral Protector serves as a small boost to your single target damage. While you are near the Totem, you gain a higher multiplier to your attack speed.

Withering Step grants you the Elusive Buff, which increases your Movement Speed and gives you a chance to avoid enemy hits. Whenever an enemy comes near us while we have this Buff up, it automatically gains an amount of Wither Stacks. This is helpful while mapping, since we won't summon our Wither-Totem all the time.

Skill Tree Progression

Passive Skill Tree Progression

Cluster Jewel Setup

Cluster Jewels are items you can insert into the outer Jewel Sockets of your Passive Tree. They extend the Passive Tree with extra Nodes, giving you extra customization options for your build!

For this build specifically, you want a 8 Passive (9 for budget) Large Cluster Jewel with % increased Chaos Damage. On top of that, you want 2x 4/5 Passive Medium Cluster Jewel, with % Damage over Time.

For more information on what Cluster Jewels to get, check out the Milestones down below!

Cluster Jewel Setup

Key Build Information

Poisonous Concoction's Life Flask Scaling

Whenever you attack with Poisonous Concoction, you remove 2 Life Flask Charges, if possible. This makes you deal extra damage equal to a percentage of the Life that would've been recovered if the Life Flask in question was used. This means that the only stat that matters for you on your Life Flask is Increased Life recovered. An optimal Flask for this would look something like this: Saturated Divine Life Flask of the Cure.

This also means that Quality on your Life Flask matters A LOT! You can go up to 20% with Glassblower's Baubles.

Use Replenishing Remedies to combat the Flask charges that are being depleted.

Automating your Flasks for instant Life Recovery

Use Master Surgeon on this build, which gives you 6% of Life when you use a Flask. We can automate this Life Recovery using the following:

Take 3 Utility Flasks (Granite Flask, Jade Flask and Quicksilver Flask) with the Flagellant's Prefix, which gives you Gain 3 Charges when you are Hit by an Enemy. Then, enchant them with Used when Charges Reach Full.

This makes your Flasks fill up whenever you get hit and automatically activates them whenever they are full, making you recover 6% of Life from Master Surgeon. To make this more consistent, you scale the 3 Charges per hit to 4 by taking at least 33% increased Flask Charges Gained on your the Passive Tree.

Character Progression

The Item Progression in Path of Exile is not as rigid as in most other games. Unique Items can provide easy upgrades early, but overall your gear mostly consists of Rare Items. This means that flexibility is key. The game won't always give you exactly the item you are looking for, so you need to adapt. Even if small upgrades seem insignificant, the sum of them decides whether your character fails or succeeds.

If you want full context to everything, watch my fully detailed Video Guide on Youtube as well. It is linked at the end of the article! You can also check out my stream on and ask me questions or simply hang out!

To make itemization less confusing, there are no Resistances on Rare Items anywhere. You can get them wherever you want and they do not have to be on specific items. Resistances are incredibly important though, DO NOT forget about them when choosing which items to craft or buy! Make sure to check your Resistances in your Character Sheet (C, Defense Tab) whenever you switch your gear around.

Path of Building

PoB is a tool for creating and easily sharing builds, you can download it here.



  • The Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder is an incredible Allrounder Build that can take you through anything Path of Exile has to offer.
  • This is the perfect build for a newer player trying to find a build to complete the acts and easy content with.
  • You shoot Poisonous Flasks at your enemies, while having a damaging Poison Aura around you.
  • The playstyle is very safe, since you can throw Flasks from afar if needed.
  • This build excels at fast-paced activities such as Mapping or Heist.


Written by Palsteron.
Reviewed by Raxxanterax.


Aug 15th 2022
Article published