Build Info & Scaling

Learn about the key build info and how to increase damage and defense with your stats and gear for the Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder Build.

Build Scaling


We scale Poisonous Concoction's Poison Damage. Poison is a Chaos Damage over Time Ailment that can stack infinitely, increasing it's damage accordingly.

It is also an attack, so Accuracy needs to be considered in order to dish out the most damage possible.

Modifiers that scale Poisonous Concoction's damage are:

  • Increased Poison/Chaos Damage
  • Increased Damage over Time
  • Increased Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
  • Increased Attack Speed

The Pathfinder excels at using Flasks for Defense and Offense. Flasks matter and they can make or break your Defensive setup. You need:

  • Armour and Evasion from Gear, Flasks, Skill Tree and Determination
  • Capped Elemental Resistances at 75%
  • 100% Spell Suppression
  • Corrupted Blood Immunity
  • Stun Immunity
  • Life Recovery from Master Surgeon coupled with automatic Flasks and Life Leech from Clever Thief
  • Immunity to Critical Strikes

The above defences grant tremendous mitigation against both attacks and spells. Couple that with avoidance through Evasion, different Life Recovery options and a optional safe playstyle from afar, and you have a solid defensive web.

Key Build Information

Poisonous Concoction's Life Flask Scaling

Whenever you attack with Poisonous Concoction, you remove 2 Life Flask Charges, if possible. This makes you deal extra damage equal to a percentage of the Life that would've been recovered if the Life Flask in question was used. This means that the only stat that matters for you on your Life Flask is Increased Life recovered. An optimal Flask for this would look something like this: Saturated Divine Life Flask of the Cure.

This also means that Quality on your Life Flask matters A LOT! You can go up to 20% with Glassblower's Baubles.

Use Replenishing Remedies to combat the Flask charges that are being depleted.

Automating your Flasks for instant Life Recovery

Use Master Surgeon on this build, which gives you 6% of Life when you use a Flask. We can automate this Life Recovery using the following:

Take 3 Utility Flasks (Granite Flask, Jade Flask and Quicksilver Flask) with the Flagellant's Prefix, which gives you Gain 3 Charges when you are Hit by an Enemy. Then, enchant them with Used when Charges Reach Full.

This makes your Flasks fill up whenever you get hit and automatically activates them whenever they are full, making you recover 6% of Life from Master Surgeon. To make this more consistent, you scale the 3 Charges per hit to 4 by taking at least 33% increased Flask Charges Gained on your the Passive Tree.