Leveling Poisonous Concoction

Learn about the key build info and how to increase damage and defense with your stats and gear for the Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder Build.

Leveling section

Key Leveling Notes

This build is incredibly smooth to level once the player reaches level 12 and gains Poisonous Concoction. I recommend pasting this regex into the Search Bar of Vendors selling Armors and Weapons when you go back to town:


Paste this in the vendor window in-game and it highlights four links, movement speed boots, and items with Green-Green-Green (GGG) sockets. This is called a regex filter, and is imperative to finding important items quickly!

Campaign Step By Step

Beginner players should follow Enki's Campaign Progression guide.

The levels listed below are based on speedrunning. Always be greater or equal to the levels listed.

Step-By-Step Poisonous Concoction Skill Gem Progression
Open leveling skill tree in new tab


Pantheon Planner

For information about the Pantheon and how it works, don't hesitate to consult our Pantheon Guide!

For Major Pantheon, select Brine King to gain Immunity to Freeze and Reduction of Chill Effect. This bonus is not baseline and needs to be acquired with a Divine Vessel.

For Minor Pantheon, select Abberath and upgrade it. This grants you defences, but most importantly Immunity to Burning Ground.

Mapping Preparation

You're done with the Campaign and are ready to take on Path of Exile's Endgame. Priority 1 is capping your Elemental Resistances (75%) and having sufficient Attributes to continue leveling your Skill Gems. Use Essences you have gathered on any item that is not Magic or Rare already. Items with an open modifier slot can be crafted on. Head to the Crafting Bench and craft the Resistances you need and Life wherever else possible.

Map Modifiers

Avoid (or cautiously run) the following modifiers:

  • Avoid Chance to avoid Poison because you can't Poison frequently enough!
  • Avoid Enemies have +x% Chaos Resistance because it significantly decreases your damage!
  • Take care of -% to maximum Resistances because you then get destroyed by Elemental Damage!
  • Avoid Reduced Effect of Auras because it reduces your Armour and Evasion, making you vulnerable to attacks!