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Impending Doom Pathfinder League Starter

Last Updated: December 6th 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22Archived

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The Impending Doom Pathfinder Curses enemies, Poisoning them and causing a chain reaction of Chaos proliferation to melt the entire screen in a very satisfying manner.

This Impending Doom Pathfinder build is designed to start a fresh league with, meaning you can start from having no currency and clear most if not all the content. It is great at mapping with enough damage to take down all of the end game bosses in the game. If you are looking for a build that causes the entire screen to melt, look no further!

Build Rating


Skills & Showcase

Doom Blast

Upon casting Temporal Chains, the Impending Doom Support debuff takes hold. After the Curse's duration expires, this debuff triggers a cataclysmic Doom Blast, erupting in a volatile surge of Chaos Damage.

Ascendancy Breakdown

Pathfinder is the optimal choice for ensuring 100% Flask uptime, massive Life Regeneration, and a significant boost in damage through Wither debuffs. Additionally, it enables your Poisons to proliferate to nearby foes upon an enemy's death.

  • Nature's Reprisal provides a way to Wither enemies and increased the effect of the debuff as well.
  • Nature's Adrenaline increases your Flask sustain substantially.
  • Master Surgeon transforms your Life Flask into a massive Life Regeneration Buff that stays active during the Flask's entire duration.
  • Master Toxicist Increases the amount of Poison damage you deal and also proliferates Poisons onto nearby enemies when a target dies.

As you advance into the Endgame, you have the option to replace Master Surgeon with Nature's Boon, which grants additional magical utility Flask effects. This choice brings additional offensive and defensive benefits, along with increased Movement Speed.

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