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Harvest Crafting Guide

Last Updated: March 29th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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In Path of Exile, Harvest Crafting through the Horticrafting Bench in a player's Hideout offers a variety of niche but cost-effective methods to craft gear that would otherwise be difficult to make. While the majority of players use their Horticrafting Station for rerolling Scarabs or gambling Divination cards, there are a number of use-cases at every level of the game whether it be a Medium Cluster jewel or an Endgame Tornado Shot Bow.

Crafting Mechanics Explained

Each craft in the Horticrafting bench requires a specific type of Lifeforce found in a Harvest encounter:

  • Wild Crystallised Lifeforce
  • Vivid Crystallised Lifeforce
  • Primal Crystallised Lifeforce
  • Sacred Crystallised Lifeforce

In order to craft through the Horticrafting bench a Rare item must be placed into the window before selecting an option and crafting as shown here:

The search box is useful for filtering from the list of usable crafts:

Harvest Crafts

Listed below are the Harvest Crafts used in many crafting scenarios:

Reforge a Rare Item

Change a Resistance Modifier

Add a New Modifier

Special Crafts

Crafting Examples

The following are some practical examples of how to use Harvest Crafting to create a wide variety of endgame items.

Swapping Resistances

For the price of 500 Lifeforce Harvest you can swap one Elemental Resistance to another. This is not just reserved for usual equipment like Weapons and Armour but also is possible on Cluster and regular Jewels.






For high-investment weapon crafting Harvest is frequently used to add helpful enchants that sacrifice the typical Quality bonuses of weapons for bonuses such as local Attack Speed per Quality or global Increased Elemental Damage.


Before Enchant


+2 Arrow, Elemental

Medium Cluster Crafting

Harvest Crafting plays an important role in creating particular cluster jewel combinations. Since a Harvest Reforge guarantees a modifier of a specific tag, it is a solid choice for forcing one notable to appear with every Reforge until a second desired one is added. In this case Caster reforges are used on a Projectile Medium Cluster to force the Repeater notable until a second notable like Streamlined appears.





Deterministic Reforging

Harvest plays an important role in almost every Endgame Crafting method. The most popular way players use it is to add a desired modifier on gear like this Lion Pelt. In this case Suffixes Cannot be Changed is benchcrafted on a Lion Pelt before using a Reforge Chaos to guarantee Chaos Resistance of any tier. This is possible because Chaos Resistance is the only Chaos-tagged modifier that can possibly roll.

Before Reforge:




Deterministic Augmenting

In other high-investment Endgame Crafts, Harvest Add then Remove crafts are used to force modifiers the same as a Reforge but without the downside of adding random modifiers in addition to the desired one. This specific Harvest craft adds a modifier with the desired tag such as Chaos or Life then removes a second modifier at random (cannot be the one that was added by the craft). In the example below 3 different Metacrafts are added to an Amulet before the Add then Remove is used.

In the example below, 3 Metacrafts are added to an Amulet before the Add then Remove is used. Prefixes Cannot be Changed is crafted to prevent either of the 2 Prefixes from being deleted by the "Remove" part of the craft while Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers is benchcrafted to prevent any Attack-tagged modifiers from being Augmented. As a result, +1 to Level of Physical Skills is added since it is the only Physical-tagged modifier left in the pool.

Step 1:


Step 2:



  • In order to craft with Harvest you'll need to collect different types of Lifeforce:
  • Wild Crystallised Lifeforce
  • Vivid Crystallised Lifeforce
  • Primal Crystallised Lifeforce
  • Sacred Crystallised Lifeforce
  • At every stage of the game Harvest offers low investment ways to craft Medium Cluster Jewels and to swap Elemental Resistances on your items.
  • In the Mid to Endgame Harvest provides powerful options to craft gear with Deterministic Reforging and Augmenting as well as useful Enchants for your weapons.


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