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Poison Spark Sceptre Crafting Guide

Last Updated: August 17th 2023

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Trial of the Ancestors 3.22


Path of Exile Endgame Poison Spark builds use an Oscillating Sceptre to gain the Elemental Overload keystone without having to allocate it via the Passive Tree or through a Skin of the Lords. Follow the steps below to craft your own like the one shown. Full build guide here.

Step 8

Before We Start

If you aren't familiar with the Crafting Methods below, be sure to check out our resources before you start:

Crafting Process

Step 1

Getting Your Base

Step 1

  • Buy an Oscillating Sceptre off of trade. Try to find the lowest item level possible as long as it isn't too much more than an 84+ one.
  • Use Perfect Fossils until the Sceptre is at least 30% quality. This is for the Enchant you will add at the end.
  • Trade Link
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