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Slayer Leveling Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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Slayer has explosive damage and Area of Effects(AoE) skills in her arsenal but all of them comes with massive cooldown, which makes her leveling fast when going through story dungeons bursting down bosses but when clearing packs, it is better to lure mobs close to you before bursting them down with 1 or 2 skills due to the long cooldowns.

During the leveling process, focus on equipping the highest Item Level gear while prioritizing the Crit and Swiftness Combat Stats to increase your damage and clear speed. To level quickly, focus on doing Main Story Quest with some exceptions.

For a walk-through of the leveling quests, check out the Leveling Guide.

Skill Point Allocation

Allocate Skill Points to gain Skill Tree for your most powerful Skills. Below are the notable Character Levels to obtain the most important Skill Tree. Leftover points can be spent on secondary Skills of your choice. Make sure you reallocate those points into the main Skills when needed.

Check the Skill Point Guide for more details.

Level 12: Furious Claw and Fatal Sword (4 points each) for AoE Clearing.

Level 20-21: Upgrade Fatal Sword and pick up Final Blow(20 points, remove points from other skills) for more damage and another AoE Clearing.

Level 25-26: Max out Final Blow (48 points) for more AoE clearing and strong burst for Elites.

Level 32: Max out Fatal Sword (48 points) for even more damage and AoE.

Level 35-36: pick up Volcanic Eruption (take points from Fatal Sword ) for more damage and AoE.

Level 41: Pick up and max out Guillotine] (48 points) for more AoE clearing or Boss bursting depending on 3rd row Tripod/Skill Tree Node.

Level 45: Upgrade Mountain Cleave and Furious Claw(20 points each) for more damage.

Level 48: Max out Mountain Cleave (48 points) for more damage.

Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression

Level 50

Follow the main story quest to Vern Castle until Beatrice notifies you to visit her in Trixion. Completing her questline unlocks Brutal Impact and Execute Awakening Skill. Check your inventory and consume the items to unlock the skills. Set up 2 skill presets for the Chaos Dungeon/Cube and Raid build, listed below in the Endgame section.


  • Wild Rush is a great movement skill to help traverse around areas where you can't mount up and in story dungeon. It can be upgraded for 2 charges of dashes with Charge Prep.
  • Most of Slayer skills have decent built in AoE but because of the long cooldowns, it is better to lure packs together and bursting them down with couple of skills.
  • Once you unlock Guillotine, it's 3rd row Triple/Skill Tree Node can be swap around depending if you need more AoE for pack clearing with Transformed Strike or using Flame Slash for Boss Burster.


Once you reach Level 50, the following guides will guide you through the end game content and activities:


  • Use your mobility skills to travel around quickly in areas where mounts are disabled.
  • Lure mobs into a pack before bursting them with your skills as Slayer skills have good AoE but suffers from long cooldowns.
  • Guillotine 3rd row Tripod/Skill Tree Node can be swap between Transformed Strike for mobs clearing or Flame Slash to damage bosses.


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