Slayer PvP Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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The Slayer is Lost Ark's new warrior class that specializes in the greatsword (counterpart to Berserker).

Similar to the Berserker, they focus on fast engages or counter engage in their play style. They have similar issues with long skill CDS but are very impactful when they land. In the right hands, this class deals high damage and can easily turn a losing game into a winning state with its tools. With protection on nearly all their skills and high damage output, Slayer is an extremely good class to take over games.

DamageVery High

This article assumes you have a Character with a minimum level of 26 before transitioning to it. Check out the 1-50 Leveling guides to reach Level 26.

Check out the General PvP Guide for a better understanding of the arena systems in place.

Core Skills

  • Fatal Sword a 2 part Push Immunity skill similar to Berserker's. Can be used for protection or a nuke.
  • Wild Rush mobility/engage skill with 2 stacks.
  • Final Blow combo/follow up skill. Can be used for protection if you read certain skills correctly or just for general damage.
  • Wild Stomp one of your main CC skills.
  • Cruel Pierce 2 part catch skill that has Paralysis Immunity. Depending on how far you catch with it, can be used to follow up with another combo skill.
  • Mountain Cleave another CC skill that grants Push Immunity and does decent damage.
  • Guillotine a counter/catch/damage skill when held, grants Push Immunity. It's a very versitle skill. Tapping the skill can also be used for a quick nuke.
  • Brutal Impact big damage ability.

Berserker Form (Identity)

  • Similar to the Berserker's Identity, quickly gain Full Immunity during the transformation.
  • Transformation also does a small knockup around yourself.
  • Pressing your identity again during the form will unleash a blade slash animation that grants Push Immunity.

PvP Builds

Team Deathmatch (3v3)
Team Elimination (1v1)

Combat Stats

750 Swiftness, 1 Critical and 249 Domination


Standard v2


  • Spinning Sword great mobility skill with Paralysis Immunity.
  • Flying Strike another mobility/engage skill.

Basic Combo #1

  1. Catch with Wild Rush.
  2. Use Final Blow backwards.
  3. Wild Stomp
  4. Finish with Brutal Impact.

Basic Combo #2

  1. Catch with Cruel Pierce.
  2. Final Blow or Wild Stomp if they are close enough.

Basic Combo #3

  1. Catch with Wild Stomp.
  2. Ragna Break


  • Similar to the Berserker, you will have long CDs and could potentially run into Mana issues. Try to make your skills impactful by getting value out of them. Either switch up your engages and make them unpredictable or play counter engage depending on your composition.
  • Guillotine is a great skill to try to recatch or just used for general protection.
  • Unlike the Berserker, Cruel Pierce is a new skill the Slayer has that can be used for a quick engage.
  • Slayer has a lot of protective skills (if not all) has some sort of protection, use that to your advantage and don't be too afraid of trading skills with people.


  • Remember your combos!
  • Try to get value for your skills as you might run into long skill CDS and Mana issues.


Written by Starlast

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