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Get Ready for Ladder Season 1

Last Updated: May 24th 2023

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Ladder Season 1 Start Date

Ladder Season 1 starts on April 28th (29th for Europe and Asia). As Diablo 2 Resurrected allows for cross play between the regions Americas, Europe, and Asia, the Ladder starts at the same time for everyone. Taking into account the different time zones of course.

April 28 at 5PM PDTApril 29 at 2AM CESTApril 29 at 9AM KST

Leveling Guides

The first Character of a Ladder Season is always exciting. It needs to farm for itself and future builds that you may want to play later on. Check out our Ladder Start Tier List! It helps you choose the right build for your Ladder start. Not every build is equipped to Level-Up efficiently, but our Leveling Guides have you covered! Here are Guides that will help you get your first Character going:

Best Builds in Ladder Season 1

"Best builds" is a very subjective thing in Diablo 2. Some builds perform in many areas, making them well-rounded, while others are defined by their specialization. These are the Top 10 builds for Patch 2.4:

New Builds

Patch 2.4 introduced massive balance changes to every Class in Diablo 2 Resurrected, which opened the door for many new builds. Here they are:

Updated Tier Lists

The new builds mentioned and other changes in Patch 2.4 have shaken up our Tier Lists. Check them out for all the changes and see where your favorite builds ranks!

Good Luck from the Maxroll Team!

We are wishing you the very best on your adventures in Ladder Season 1! Enjoy your fight against evil in Sanctuary, and we will see you in game!

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