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Druid Leveling Guide

Last Updated: March 1st 2024

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The Druid Leveling Guide provides you with all the necessary information to get your favorite Character started!
Not every Skill is suitable to be used during early leveling for three reasons:

  • Only a number of Skills work well without any previously farmed gear.
  • A lot of builds lack damage during the leveling phase. It can become a big struggle or even straight up impossible to progress, starting with an end game build.
  • Some builds have a hard time transitioning into hell due to Immunities.

We provide you with step by step Skill trees and easily accessible items that help you in your play through. Additionally, you get tips and insights on how to deal with Immunities and the more difficult fights.

Gear used in this guide
Gear used in this guide



Shock Wave

Oak Sage

At the end of this guide you'll have a Level 75 Druid that used 1 out of the 3 respecs the game provides. You can use these to transition into your build of choice.
If you like the build at the end of this guide, check out the Tornado Hurricane Druid Guide, which continues it to the end game.


The Druid Leveling Guide utilizes Firestorm, Molten Boulder, and Fissure until Act 3 in Nightmare. Respec into Tornado + Hurricane before you fight Mephisto in Nightmare. This is the spec for the remaining leveling progress.

Act 1 N
(Up to Level 13)
Act 2 N - Act 5 N
(Up to Level 26)
Act 1 - Act 3 NM
(Up to Level 38)
Meph NM - Act 5 H
(Respec + Level 75)
Use the Slider for visual Skill Progression
Use the Slider for visual Skill Progression

Skill Point Allocation

Level 1-5: Firestorm
Den of Evil: Firestorm
Level 6-7: Molten Boulder
Level 8-11: Firestorm
Level 12-13: Fissure

Attribute Allocation

Level 2-11: All into Vitality
Level 12-13: All into Strength

Playstyle & Progression

  • Clear out the Den of Evil and pick up items to sell, like Rings, Amulets, Charms, etc. Start using Firestorm at Level 2. Try to hit as many targets as possible with each cast.
  • Buy some Life, Mana and Stamina Potions. Add both the Tome of Town Portal, and the Tome of Identify if possible.
  • Pick up a couple of Chipped Gems and put them into your Stash. You can use them to repair the Teleport Charges by putting 1 Chipped Gem + 1 Ort Rune and the Staff of Teleportation into the Horadric Cube and hit Transmute.
  • From this point onwards, Elite Groups are your primary focus when it comes to killing monsters. Don't waste your time with individual monsters. They grant far less Experience!
  • Pick up every Druid Pelt that you come across. Check them for +x to Skills used in this guide (Fissure and later Tornado as priority). 2 Sockets, especially on a Pelt with +x to Tornado are a great base for Lore. Keep 3 white Pelts in your stash touse the Imbue reward from Charsi later on.
  • Start using Molten Boulder as soon as you reach Level 6. Larger monsters cause the boulder to explode when they get hit, instead of rolling through and hitting multiple targets. Use Firestorm against these instead.
  • Fight your way to the Black Marsh. Find the Waypoint and start farming The Countess inside the Forgotten Tower for the below listed Runes. Put the Runes into your Stash for storage.
    Check Charsi for the 2 Socketed Body Armor, and a 2 Socketed Helmet at the start of each run. Buy a 2 Socketed Staff from Akara when you need to get more potions.
  • Primarily use Fissure when you hit Level 12. Cast it into high density groups while running past them. Use Molten Boulder against Fire-Resistant monsters to finish them off.
  • After acquiring all Runes, make your way to the Catacombs Level 4, where you face the first Act boss, Andariel - Maiden of Anguish.

Gear Checklist

Short StaffShop at Akara
after the Den of Evil
This Staff is used for the Runeword Leaf later on.
1-2 2 Socketed HelmetsShop at Charsi
or drop from monsters
The first Helmet is used to put Ral Runes into. The second one is used for the Runeword Lore later on.
These Helmets are ideally Pelts with useful +x to Skills.
Make sure that one of them is NOT a Magic Item for the latter.
2 Socketed Body Armor
Shop at Charsi
or drop from monsters
This Body Armor is used for the Runeword Stealth later on. Make sure that it is NOT a Magic Item.
1 Tal Rune
1 Eth Rune
1 Tir Rune
1 Ral Rune
Farm at The CountessThese Runes are used later for:
- Stealth
- Leaf
1-2 Ral Runes
Farm at The CountessIf acquired, these Runes are used for:
- Gemmed Helmet
Use the Slider for visual Skill Progression
Use the Slider for visual Skill Progression

Skill Point Allocation

Level 14: Fissure
Radament: Firestorm
Level 15-20: Fissure
Izual: Firestorm
Level 21-26: Fissure

Attribute Allocation

Level 14-21: All into Vitality
Level 22-25: 2 Into Vitality, 18 into Strength
Level 26: 4-5 into Strength
5 if you use a Broad Sword for Spirit.

Playstyle & Progression

  • Enter Lut Gholein and pick up a Belt from Farah.
  • Kill Radament first, then continue with the story progression through Act 2. Fissure struggles a little in the Maggot Lair and Arcane Sanctuary. Use Firestorm against Maggots and Molten Boulder against anything else in the narrow corridors of Maggot Lair.
  • Create and equip your Stealth Runeword at Level 17.
  • Check Farah for a 3 Socketed Large Shield or Kite Shield whenever you are in town.
  • Proceed through Act 3 and create your Leaf when you hit Level 19. Put additional Ral Runes into your helmet, if you have some.
  • Your target for the end of Act 3 is at least Level 19.8.
  • Hire an Act 2 Mercenary after you enter Act 4 and equip him with a Pike from Halbu. You'll need him to kill Grandvizier of Chaos in the Chaos Sanctuary and Colenzo the Annihilator on the first Wave in the Throne of Destruction.
  • When you reach Level 20, go to Act 3 and shop for a Battle Staff of Teleportation at Ormus. Use a Waypoint you pick up along the way and re-enter Kurast Docks through a Town Portal to reset his inventory. You only need to check Staves with a red background because the Level required for it is 24, meaning you can't equip it right now.
  • Continue your progress all the way to Baal. Kill Izual for the extra Skill Points before killing Diablo. Finish Quest 1 and 2 in Act 5 for the Socket reward and the Runes required for Ancient's Pledge. Create the Runeword as soon as you have them and put it into your stash. You won't use it until you have your Spirit.
  • If you feel comfortable, use Firestorm against Diablo and Baal at close range to hit them with all 3 projectiles. This requires some dodging of their abilities, but because they don't move around much, the damage turns out to be more than fissure.
  • Kill Izual along the way for the extra Skill Points and finish Quest 1 and 2 in Act 5 for the Socket reward and the Runes required for Ancient's Pledge. Create the Runeword as soon as you have them and put it into your stash. You won't use it until you have your Spirit.
  • Wait to pick up the Quest reward from Anya until Level 30. At this Level there is a chance for it to give +1 to Skills.
  • After killing Baal, open up The Secret Cow Level and look for a Crystal Sword or Broad Sword while Leveling up to 25. Equip the Battle Staff of Teleportation when you hit Level 24. Once you have a Sword Base for Spirit, use your Act 5 Quest 1 reward to socket it. Then kill the Waves in the Throne of Destruction to reach Level 26 before entering Nightmare difficulty. Wave 5 might be a bit tricky. Skip them and fill up on Potions from Malah, then enter Nightmare. You'll reach Level 26 by the time you need to refill on them.

Gear Checklist

BeltShop at FarahMore Potion slots = more Good.
Large Shield
Kite Shield
Shop at FarahThis Shield is used for Ancient's Pledge. The Kite Shield is better for movement speed.
Make sure that it is NOT a Magic Item for the latter.
Stealth Body ArmorStash / InventoryCreate Stealth from the previously farmed Runes.
LeafStash / InventoryCreate Leaf from the previously farmed Runes.
Gemmed HelmetStash / InventoryAdd previously farmed Ral Runes to one of the Helmets.
Staff of TeleportationShop from OrmusShop this Staff between Level 20 and 23. This reduces the amount of Staves you need to check down to those with a red background.
Crystal Sword
Broad Sword
Drop in Cow LevelAdd 4 Sockets with the Quest 1 reward from Act 5 to create a base for Spirit:
Crystal Sword
Use the Slider for visual Skill Progression
Use the Slider for visual Skill Progression

Skill Point Allocation

Level 27: Firestorm
Den of Evil: Firestorm
28-31: Fissure
Radament: Firestorm
Level 32-37: Firestorm
Level 38: Volcano

Attribute Allocation

Level 27-38: All into Vitality

Playstyle & Progression

  • Start the Nightmare difficulty by shopping for Coral Heavy Gloves, a Coral Belt of the Mammoth and Russet Heavy Boots of Haste (or similar).
  • Complete Quest 1 for the Skill Point and continue to the Black Marsh Waypoint.
  • Farm The Countess until you acquired the Runes mentioned from the checklist below. Create Spirit Crystal Sword and Lore Helmet. Equip them as soon as you can. You have reached the final equipment at this point.
  • Continue with the Fissure build until Mephisto. Respec to Hurricane + tornado before you fight him. The fight goes faster than with Fissure.

Gear Checklist

Coral Belt of the MammothShop at Charsi or Gheed
in Nightmare
Shop for a Belt with Resistances.
Lightning and Fire are your priority.
Life can be a nice bonus.
Russet Heavy Boots of HasteShop at Charsi or Gheed
in Nightmare
Shop for Boots with +x% Faster Run/Walk.
Resistances are a nice bonus.
Lightning and Fire are your priority.
Coral Heavy GlovesShop at Charsi or Gheed
in Nightmare
Shop for Gloves with +x% Increased Attack Speed.
Resistances are a nice bonus.
Lightning and Fire are your priority.
Create Spirit Crystal SwordStash / InventoryCreate and equip as soon as the Runes are acquired.
Create Lore HelmetStash / InventoryCreate and equip as soon as the Runes are acquired.
1x Tal Rune
1x Thul Rune
2x Ort Runes
1x Amn Rune
1x Sol Rune
Farm at The Countess
in Nightmare
These Runes are used for:
- Spirit Crystal Sword
- Lore
More Ort Runes
Farm at The Countess
in Nightmare
Used to repair Staff of Teleportation

The respec assumes that you are Level 38. You can respec as early as Act 2, but always before Mephisto at the latest.
Note: The respec leaves 5 Skill Points unallocated. This allows you to put points into Tornado and Hurricane simultaneously until Tornado is maxed out.

Use the Slider for visual Skill Progression
Use the Slider for visual Skill Progression

Attribute Allocation

Allocate enough Strength to wear all of your gear. Put remaining Stat Points into Vitality.
Level 39-75: All into Vitality



Tornado - 15 Skill Point
Hurricane - 9 Skill Point
Cyclone Armor - 14 Skill Points

Summoning (Optional)

Summon Grizzly - 1 Skill Point

Note: You'll want to get the summons in Hell difficulty (Act 3+) and the shown build allocates them later. Less experienced and Hardcore players should skill them right away. Use the left-over Skill Points for this.

Max out in Order

Cyclone Armor
If you haven't at the respec, get 1 Skill Point into the prerequisites and Summon Grizzly.

Playstyle & Progression

  • Before you kill Mephisto, respec into Hurricane and Tornado as shown above. Buff yourself with Cyclone Armor to shield yourself from Fire/Lightning/Cold damage. Recast it often if you’re taking elemental damage, even if the shield hasn’t gone down yet.
  • Hurricane can only be cast outside of town. Cast it and close in on your enemies and start casting tornado. Most monsters are put into Hit Recovery when they run into the Hurricane area, even if they are Immune to Cold.
  • Use all of your summons as distractions whenever needed. Summon Grizzly is the most durable and can take a beating. The others are fairly squishy but can take a couple of additional hits for you as well.
  • The biggest challenge of this build is hitting enemies with tornado. Each cast feels like they are using a different path, making you miss a lot of them. They use the same path if you continuously cast them without moving your mouse. Adjust your position in small ways to figure out a good spot to hit your target if your first cast misses.
  • This Skill build can kill every monster apart from the extremely rare Elite Group bosses that are immune to both Physical and Cold Damage. The Cold Damage is fairly low. It is best to skip monsters Immune to Physical.
  • The Ancients in Hell can be a bit tricky. The fight takes quite a bit of time. Run in circles and cast tornado behind you. Use the summons to distract them for a moment. This allows you to cast a couple more tornados.
  • The fight against Baal is the final and arguably the hardest challenge for this build. He deals pretty hefty damage against your low Life pool. Recast your Cyclone Armor often to negate some of his damage. Cast tornado from as far away as possible, because you cannot survive his melee attacks for very long. When he spawns his clone, run away until they are off-screen. Return to town and refill on Potions. When you return, the clone should be de-spawned. If not, repeat the process until it is. Fighting both at the same time is very hard!



Gear Options

Farming Spots at Level 75+



  • Destroy your enemies early on with the Fire Skills Firestorm, Molten Boulder, and Fissure.
  • After respecing keep Cyclone Armor up at all times.
  • Use your summons strategically as meat shields and distractions.
  • Remember to cast Hurricane any time it runs out. You can't activate it in town!
  • Play around with the pathing of Tornado. It can feel a little clunky, but you get used to it. If you struggle to hit an enemy, change your position.
  • Farm The Countess in Normal and Nightmare for the key Runewords. Be careful with the item bases you buy from the vendors. Runewords do NOT work in Magic Items!
  • Get the rewards from Anya after Level 30 and imbue Pelts for the chance of +1 to Druid Skills. Pick up all Druid Pelts for Skills used in this guide. (Mainly Fissure, Tornado, and Hurricane)
  • Buy a Staff of Teleportation before Level 24.

We hope the Druid Guide helps you to get to your endgame build of choice. While Fissure is the destroyer of worlds in Normal, and early Nightmare, Tornado, and Hurricane can feel a little clunky at times.

Good luck!


Written by Teo1904
Reviewed by MacroBioBoi

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