Ladder Season 2 Maxroll Update


The Maxroll Team has been updating everything impacted by the Patch 2.5 changes behind-the-scenes. These posts are now live and ready for you to explore! Enjoy our new Build Guides, updated Guides, Tier Lists, Resource posts and the updated D2Planner. Have fun playing around with it and theory craft your first build in Ladder Season 2!

New Build Guides

The Sundering Charms of Patch 2.5 allows us to add a couple of new build guides for your enjoyment!

Updated Build Guides

We evaluated the use of Sundering Charms on ever build and added a dedicated Sunder Charm Setup when it proved useful.

The new Terror Zones were also added to display which zones could be farmed on a build with the Starter or Budget versions of the build. This allows you to skip bad Terror Zones and shows you which areas are great to farm with minimal investment. When available, the Sunder Charm Setup allows you to farm any area you'd like.

Leveling Guide Updates

Our Leveling Guides are still up-to-date in Patch 2.5. Terror Zones would be a great addition to them, but they are locked behind killing Baal in each difficulty.

Tier Lists

New Tier List

We added the Terror Zone Tier List providing you with an overview of the best builds for Ladder Season 2 in Diablo 2 Resurrected. S to A-Tier builds can be played with absolutely no starting gear. This is critical for new Ladder players!

Updates To Tier Lists

All prior to Patch 2.5 existing Tier-Lists, except for the Speedrun Tier-List, have been updated. It takes a while for the META in speedruns to evolve after the changes. We'll update it at a later point.


New Resources

2 new mechanics were added in Patch 2.5. We wrote a full explanation of both of them!

Updates To Resources

Our Resource posts and Tools have been updated to Patch 2.5, wherever required. Our D2Planner includes all changes to Patch 2.5!

Maxroll D2R Team

We are happy to provide you with our updated content for Patch 2.5.! Enjoy diving into this huge update with everything you need to be prepared for Ladder Season 2!

The D2R Maxroll Team