Get Ready for Ladder Season 2

Ladder Season 2

Ladder Season 2 starts on October 6th (7th for Europe and Asia). As Diablo 2 Resurrected allows for cross play between the regions Americas, Europe, and Asia, the Ladder starts at the same time for everyone. Taking into account the different time zones of course.

October 6 at 5PM PDTOctober 7 at 2AM CESTOctober 7 at 9AM KST

NOTE: Because of the most recent changes to how Sunder Charms and conviction / lowerresist work, we have updated all relevant verbiage and recommendations across our Build Guides / Tier Lists to account for these changes!

Leveling Guides

The first Character of a Ladder Season is always exciting. It needs to farm for itself and future builds that you may want to play later on. Check out our Ladder Start Tier List! It helps you choose the right build for your Ladder start. Not every build is equipped to Level-Up efficiently, but our Leveling Guides have you covered! These Guides help to get your first Character off the ground!

Terror Zones

Terror Zones are a new game-option that DRASTICALLY increase Experience gain as well as increase your chances of finding incredibly rare Unique and Set items because every monster in the Zone is much higher Level than they normally are!

A Terrorized Zone
Terrorized Monster Icons

We've created a Terror Zone Tier List to show you how the different Areas measure up for Monster Density, number of Elite Groups, and Challenge! Check your Build's primary Damage type to see which Areas are best for you to farm in when that Zone becomes Terrorized!

Sunder Charms

Sunder Charms are a set of 6 Unique Charms designed to break the Immunity of one Element. Our Sunder Charms Resource goes into deeper detail for the mechanics you need to know to maximize your itemization.

Black Cleft

Monster Magic Immunity is Sundered
Magic Resist -45 to 65%

Bone Break

Monster Physical Immunity is Sundered
Damage Increased by 10 to 30%

Cold Rupture

Monster Cold Immunity is Sundered
Cold Resist -70 to 90%

Crack of the Heavens

Monster Lightning Immunity is Sundered
Lightning Resist -70 to 90%

Flame Rift

Monster Fire Immunity is Sundered
Fire Resist -70 to 90%

Rotting Fissure

Monster Poison Immunity is Sundered
Poison Resist -70 to 90%

  • Sunder: If a Monster is Immune to a Damage type, its Resistance is set to 95% instead. This only works for the Character holding the Charm.
  • The Character also loses a LARGE amount of Resistance of the same type. Make sure your Character is ready for it!

Best Builds in Ladder Season 2

With the changes in Patch 2.5, there are some clear winners that pull ahead in the early game and late game! Here is a list of the strongest builds we expect to see across Season 2:

New Builds

Patch 2.5 introduced enough itemization buffs to allow for some fringe builds to really begin to shine:

Blaze Sorceress

Updated Tier Lists

We've added the brand new Terror Zone Tier List as well as updated all of our previous Tierlists to show how builds have changed with the addition of the Sunder Charms!

Good Luck from the Maxroll Team!

Take all of this knowledge and good luck when walking into Season 2 for Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.5! May the Sunder Charm of your dreams drop and only the best of Terrorized Zones to be chosen!