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New Sadism Support Skill Gem

Last Updated: August 10th 2023

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Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

The new Sadism Support Skill Gem is great for impatient players on damage over time builds! This gem allows your Ailments to deal Damage Faster, at the cost of Ailment Duration.

Sadism Support

Today we're talking about the new Sadism Support Gem. Just keep in mind it doesn't apply to non-Ailment Damage over Time like Toxic Rain, Vortex, or Corrupting Fever.

If you'd like to play a Damage over Time build but don't have time to wait around for Ailments to deal Damage, check out Sadism Support! It causes supported Skills to have less Ailment Duration and deal Damage with Ailments Faster. ~Grinding Gear Games Community Team

Often times the worst thing about Damage over Time builds is waiting around for enemies to die. Sadism helps with that by causing Ailments to deal Damage Faster which increases their damage per second (but not the total damage done over the Ailment's duration). This makes your damage more immediate which feels great when clearing maps but may lead to a loss in damage against bosses due to the shorter duration. Because this is paired with a less Ailment Duration modifier it looks ideal for long duration ailments like Bleed. Depending on the numbers, Sadism Support could be usable in some Ignite setups, but remains a poor choice for Poison builds that rely on stacking multiple poisons. Just be warned if your duration goes too low the Ailment is discarded and causing Ailments to deal Damage Faster reduces their duration!

Maxroll Ailment Builds

The new Sadism Support Gem primarily looks like a buff to Bleed builds, or Ignite builds with a long Ailment Duration (how good it is really comes down to the numbers). Stay Tuned for future updates, but in the mean time if you want to know what an Ailment build looks like, check out one of ours below.


Tenkiei's thoughts on Sadism Support

Stay tuned for Tenkiei's thoughts on the upcoming support gems after GGG releases all the details!

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Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Xtra37

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