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Kirac Modifiers & New Spellblade Support

Last Updated: August 11th 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

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GGG revealed the brand new Spellblade Support and Kirac Modifiers as part of their 3.22 Teasers. Spellblade looks like it could be an interesting way to gain Battlemage. Kirac's Modifiers allow you to spend Chaos Orbs to add league mechanics to your Maps, and the mods available for Trial of the Ancestors are looking great!

New Spellblade Support

With Spellblade Support you can roleplay a an inquisitor. This is the Battlemage effect from Instruments of Virtue, though with the added restriction of only applying to One-Handed Melee Weapons. 2-handers and wands won't work for with Spellblade Support. If two Weapons are Equipped, each contributes 60% as much Added Damage. Spellblade Support cannot modify the skills of minions.

Spells supported by Spellblade Support have added Spell Damage equal to a percentage of Damage of Equipped One-Hand Melee Weapons. Whoever said a sword couldn't channel magic just as well as a wand, anyway? ~GGG Community Team

Spellblade's viability as a support comes down to the numbers. Battlemage is an interesting way to add base damage to a spell, and frequently gets combined with high base damage weapons like the one generated by Energy Blade. This may open up a few interesting build ideas, thought it could also erode the Inquisitor's identity.

3.22 Kirac Modifiers

  • Fortune Favors the Brave: 3 Chaos Orbs
    • This modifier randomly applies any other mod from Kirac's Map Device. It can be a great way to save currency if you're ok with any of the outcomes.
  • Essence: 2 Chaos Orbs
    • Essence is one of the best ways to farm money early league, for more information check out our Farming Guide.
  • Domination: 3 Chaos Orbs
    • Shrines mean more monsters, and some temporary buffs to increase your clear speed.
  • Breach: 4 Chaos Orbs
    • A popular Endgame Strategy, this League mechanic yields loot including splinters and exclusive Uniques like Severed in Sleep.
  • Harbinger: 6 Chaos Orbs
    • Because the loot from Harbingers doesn't scale with map tier, you can use this to farm your Fracturing Orbs in T1 Maps. However, 6c is a significant cost so Polished Harbinger Scarab may be more economical.
  • Legion: 6 Chaos Orbs
    • Dunes Legion farming is one of the most popular strategies for endgame juicers. Legion remains one of the most consistently rewarding mechanics and frequently drops Divine Orbs.
  • Delirium: 10 Chaos Orbs
    • Losing your mind, Exile? Step through the Mirror to interact with Tangmazu, and challenge his nightmares. Delirium is extremely rewarding but adds a lot of danger to your maps.
  • Ritual: 10 Chaos Orbs
    • If you enjoy fighting enemies in circles, Ritual resurrects the surrounding monsters so you can fight them again. After you kill everything, spend the favor you earned to purchase rewards or save them for later.

What to Farm

The selection of modifiers is pretty good as it offers powerful league mechanics for both early game, and endgame farming. Essence and Harbinger are great in the early game due to not scaling with Map tier. Later on, Legion or Delirium are great offering plenty of currency to anyone able to full clear the Legion, or keep up with the fog. If you're excited to do some farming, check out our currency guides for some strategies!

Hungry for More?

Overall, Kirac's Atlas Device Modifiers look strong, and Spellblade Support could enable some new builds. If you're looking for more Path of Exile news ahead of 3.22 check out one of our recent articles!

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As more teasers are released we'll post them along with our thoughts. There's a lot to look forward to in Trial of the Ancestors, and you haven't already done so, check out our ExileCon Wrapup for the hottest Path of Exile 2 news. Then head over to our Discord and select the Path of Exile role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Xtra37

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