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Unending Nightmare, New Atlas Keystone

Last Updated: August 7th 2023

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Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

The Unending Nightmare Atlas Passive Keystone modifies the behavior of Delirium in your maps, making it easier to deal with but significantly less rewarding.

Unending Nightmare

During the ExileCon 2023 Keynote, GGG announced new Atlas Passive Keystones coming with Trial of the Ancestors! Now, with the league fast approaching, they've begun teasing more of them.

Maybe the fog is all in your head

The new Unending Nightmare Atlas Passive Keystone prevents Delirium fog from dissipating so you're no longer on a timer. But Delirium Orb and Simulacrum Splinters no longer drop, making it less rewarding. If you use this keystone, Delirium still adds monsters, and Reward Tiles based on your completion but it also still adds difficulty by making monsters in your map tankier. Because the fog doesn't dissipate, it may be impossible to remove Delirium when using this keystone, but you should be able to run Delirium more easily on sub-optimal map layouts.

If you're playing Softcore trade the application of this Keystone is pretty limited but it may be helpful for farming Large Cluster Jewels or adding Delirium to a sub-optimal map layout like Defiled Cathedral Map.

Hungry for More?

GGG recently teased the exciting new Trauma Support, that turns Strike Skills into Boneshatter! But there's a lot more to come, so stay tuned for future updates. If you haven't already check out our ExileCon Wrapup, then head over to our Discord and select the Path of Exile role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Written by: Tenkiei

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