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New Tattoos in Trial of the Ancestors

Last Updated: August 30th 2023

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Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

The Trial of the Ancestors offers a variety of Passive Skill Tattoos, and today GGG teased a content update for the mechanic including 6 powerful new Tattoos!

Journey Tattoos

Here are the 6 new Tattoos being added to Trial of the Ancestors. First up, let's talk about Journey Tattoos, which get more effective for each bonus you have allocated. To use Journey Tattoo of the Body as an example, it grants +25 to Maximum Life for each Tattoo Allocated. If you have 1 Tattoo this gives you +25 Maximum Life, but if you have 4, each gives +100 Maximum Life for +400 total.

Journey Tattoo of the Mind

  • Replaces a +30 to Dexterity Notable Passive Skill
  • +30 to Maximum Mana per Allocated Journey Tattoo of the Mind

This is a great option for Mana stackers, you get access to multiple +30 Dexterity nodes with Expertise, Agility and Alacrity near the Witch and Templar areas of the tree. For even more Mana consider Anointing and converting Proficiency.

Journey Tattoo of the Soul

  • Replaces a +30 to Intelligence Notable Passive Skill
  • +40 to Maximum Energy Shield per Allocated Journey Tattoo of the Soul

Many Energy Shield builds are located in the Witch are of the tree, giving them poorer access to +30 Intelligence notables, however +40 to Maximum Energy Shield is a powerful bonus, as it gets multiplied by your % Increased Maximum Energy Shield stat making it well worth the travel or anointment.

Journey Tattoo of the Body

  • Replaces a +30 to Strength Notable Passive Skill
  • +25 to Maximum Life per Allocated Journey Tattoo of the Body

Many builds on the right side of the tree struggle with Maximum Life because there are less Life nodes in this area of the tree. This area does get easy access to Strength notables however, Beef, Prowess and Physique are all within easy reach.

3 Powerful New Tattoos

Honoured Tattoo of the Makanga

  • Replaces a Small Attribute Passive Skill
  • Requires 8 Adjacent Passive Skills Allocated
  • +2% to All Maximum Resistances

There are very few Passives on the Skill Tree which have 8 connections, however the most notable by far is the Small Intelligence Passive located above the Witch starting area. You can allocate the Intelligence nodes below and above the Basic Jewel Socket to enable this Tattoo along side a Tsalio Makanga Tattoo, then use Warrior's Tale Crimson Jewel to double the effect resulting in 16% Increased Cooldown Recovery Rate and +4% to All Maximum Resistances!

Ancestral Tattoo of Bloodlines

  • Replaces a Small Attribute Passive Skill
  • Limited to: 1 Ancestral Tattoo
  • +2% Increased Recovery Rate of Life, Mana, and Energy Shield per Tribe for Which you have an Allocated Tattoo.

There are 10 tribes so you can gain up to 20% increased recovery rate on all resources with this awesome new defensive tattoo.

Journey Tattoo of Makanui

  • Replaces a Keystone Passive Skill
  • Limited to: 1 Keystone Tattoo
  • Grants a Random Keystone

There's a lot of randomness here, but also a lot of potential for power. Being granted a keystone elsewhere on the tree is one of the reasons why so many players choose Skin of the Loyal over Skin of the Lords. If the keystone is chosen when the tattoo drops expect popular Keystones to cost multiple Divine Orbs. On the other hand, if it's chosen when the tattoo is applied you'll have to buy a lot of them to get the Keystone you want.


If you want to know more about my thoughts, check out the video below!

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