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Trial of the Ancestors Meta Report 3

Last Updated: September 12th 2023

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Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

Welcome to the Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors Week 3 Meta Report and Maxroll news wrap-up. This week we're talking about the Hinekora's Lock, Passive Skill Tattoos, and 7 Days 7 Farms!

Hinekora's Lock

This special Trial of the Ancestors reward allows you to see the future when applying currency to your item. After you use a Hinekora's Lock it gains the forseeing effect displaying the results of any currency used until you apply a crafting currency to the item.

Mageblood with Foreseeing active
Always lock your Headhunter/Mageblood Before Corruption!

SpicySushi found this also applies to the Locus of Corruption or "double corruption" found in the Temple of Atzoatl. This allows players to safely double corrupt valuable items like Headhunter and Mageblood without any chance to destroy the item!

Tornado Shot Deadeye

When you think of a build that goes zoom-zoom, that fill the screen with projectiles, you probably think Tornado Shot Deadeye. It has long been considered one of the most expensive builds in Path of Exile due to relying on additional projectiles and the Penetration from Crystallised Omniscience for damage. In recent Leagues however, GGG has made the build more approachable by adding 2 Projectiles to the Passive Skill tree. In Trial of the Ancestors, it's even easier because you can Tattoo additional Projectiles onto your skill tree, though a few terms and conditions apply.

Projectiles & Projectile Speed

Tornado Shot fires Primary Projectiles which explode at the end of their travel, releasing secondary Projectiles. While the Primary Projectiles cannot shotgun, the secondary Projectiles can (at a rate of 1 per primary), so more projectiles equals more damage! You get 2 additional Projectiles from your passive tree in the form of Multishot, and Master Fletcher. In 3.22 you also get another +2 from Tattoo of the Ramako Makanga. The Ranger and Shadow sockets are particularly efficient places for these Tattoos. You need 7 adjacent passives allocated, the Ranger socket has 7 useful passives, the Shadow socket has 6 useful passives making the opportunity cost pretty low.

Place a Warrior's Tale in the Shadow Socket to double the effect of all Tattoos in radius. This applies to your Ramako Makanga increasing the total number of Projectiles granted by Tattoos from 2 to 3.

The Dexterity Nodes in radius are a great place to add some Tattoo of the Ramako Sniper for increased Projectile Speed. Tornado Shot is a relatively short duration Projectile by default, and therefore relies on Projectile Speed for coverage. With Tattoos, you're less reliant on an expensive quiver Suffix for Projectile speed.

Place this near major Tattoos

Not needing to equip Crystallised Omniscience opens up gear Suffixes for Life Regeneration, Resistances, Attack Speed and more. Even though the upfront cost for 2 Tattoo of the Ramako Makanga is about equivalent to Crystallised Omniscience the rest of your gear becomes much cheaper when you don't need to stack Attribute Suffixes.


A lot of the Uniques used by Tornado Shot including Voll's Vision, Hyrri's Truth, Hyrri's Ire, and Kaom's Spirit are the same as on a Lightning Arrow Deadeye. So it's easier than ever to league start Lightning Arrow, farm up some currency and then transition into Tornado Shot. For more info on how this works, Crouching_Tuna recently transitioned his LA Deadeye over to Tornado Shot.

Supreme Ostentation

But let's say the first example wasn't crazy enough for you, and the plan is to get totally inked up. In that case, you want to utilize the Supreme Ostentation from Elegant Hubris in Commemoration to Caspiro. The downside here is trivial for some builds, but crippling for others. Normally, your attributes grant the following inherent bonuses;

  • Strength grants Melee Physical Damage and Life.
  • Dexterity gives Evasion and Accuracy rating.
  • Intelligence grants Mana and Increased Energy Shield.

But Supreme Ostentation removes these, making it a poor choice for builds that are reliant on Attribute stacking for Energy Shield, Accuracy or Melee Damage. Remember to place this carefully, because Elegant Hubris removes the effect from all small Passives in Radius. Look for a Jewel socket with minimal travel nodes.

There are 3 converted travel nodes here

Elegant Hubris offers powerful Notables, such as 12% Effect of Non-Curse Auras on You. Therefore, you can get extra Notables in radius without the useless travel nodes by using an Impossible Escape or Thread of Hope.

If your Jewels overlap any unconverted +30 Dexterity, Strength, or Intelligence Notables that's a great opportunity to place a Tattoo for Onslaught, or Skill Gem levels. In most cases what you can do with tattoos is pretty straightforward, but there's definitely some thinking with portals going on when min-maxing your tree for tattoos.

With Supreme Ostentation you're free to Tattoo all the travel nodes on your tree. This allows you to replace 10 Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence with more powerful effects like Spell Suppression, Maximum Life, Mana Reservation Efficiency, or Chaos Resistance.


Some builds are better able to take advantage of this than others. For example, Poison Summon Raging Spirit and some Ranger builds don't get much value from their travel nodes. This allows players to freely tattoo over travel nodes. There's also some really cool tech involving The Green Nightmare where you replace all Attributes in radius with Cold or Elemental Resistances for a massive Spell Suppression bonus.

7 Days 7 Farms Highlights

As part of the Meta Report we keep up with moneymaking in Path of Exile, and for week 3 in Trial of the Ancestors we're taking a look at some highlights from 7 Days 7 Farms. Every League Milkybk_ does his 7 Days 7 Farms trying various moneymaking strategies and sharing the results.


This League, Breachstones and Breach Uniques are unusually valuable. As a result, Breach presented a lucrative farming opportunity.

You'll be collecting a lot of splinters, but those splinters combine into Breachstones. Occasionally you find Breach Uniques, and The Chosen cards. Breach is also a pretty good way to add monsters to your map so this synergizes well with other strategies that scale off monster density.

Learn how to farm Breach with Milky


Harbingers provide the profits

Harbinger was criminally underpriced when Milky tried it. This resulted in an impressive 47 Divine Orbs in profit from the strategy. This happens every league, people forget how profitable mechanics like Harbinger, and Metamorph can be, then someone talks about it and the prices shift.

If you want to try your hand at farming up some Fracturing Orbs, don't despair over the prices people will forget again in a couple weeks.


This last one might not be the most profitable farming strategy, nor the cheapest to get into, but Milky had a blast! Crop Rotation raises the tier of your plants as you progress through the Harvest Encounter. The first couple plots won't drop much, but the last plot will be filled with bosses.

Unfortunately, this isn't as profitable as normal Harvest strategies, and it can be a little inconsistent because your Harvest contains a random number of plots. But sometimes you just can't put a price on fun.

Crop Rotation is just good fun

So those are some of the highlights from this League's 7 Days 7 Farms, to check out all the strategies be sure to follow Milky's channel.


For Week 3, see Tenkiei's thoughts on how the Ancestor League Meta has been shaped by Passive Skill Tattoos.

See Tenkiei's thoughts on Tattooing your tree

Hungry for More?

That's a wrap for the Meta Report for Ancestor League Week 3 including Tornado Shot Deadeye, Supreme Ostentation, and new Uniques.

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Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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