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Trial of the Ancestors Loot Buff

Last Updated: August 24th 2023

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Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

The recent Hotfix for Path of Exile (3.22.0b) included balance adjustments to the Trial of the Ancestors mechanic, along side some significant loot buffs.

Hotfix 3.22.0b

Trial of the Ancestors Improvements

  • Improved the scaling of rewards offered for higher rankings. Non-final matches now have a chance to offer rewards that can usually only be offered for the final match. The chance of this occurring slightly increases as the Tournament progresses, and also increases with your ranking.
  • The chance to be offered some of the more valuable reward outcomes has been increased.
  • Increased the stack size and stack size variance of Currency and Scarabs offered as rewards.
  • Divination Card rewards now have varying stack sizes, and the cards offered now improve as the rounds progress.
  • You can now be offered 3-5 of a random Tattoo from the relevant Tribe as a reward for the final match in a Tournament.
  • Enemy teams can no longer have more than one Titanic Shell Warrior.
  • The Rongokurai Tribe now Overwhelm 30% of Physical Damage Reduction (previously 50%).
  • Significantly lowered the Damage of Goliath of the Night's Earthquake Skill.
  • Reduced the range of which Storm Conduit can use their Lightning Beam.
  • Lowered the damage from the Trawler's Fish Trap Skill.
  • Players and Warriors that have been prevented from reviving for 10 seconds, through the Consuming Kunekune's Spirit Consumption or Hinekora's Horn's Spiritual Capture Skills, now have a 10 second respite period where their revive cannot be prevented.
  • The Sunset Sage Warrior can now decide to channel on an enemy Ancestral Totem from further away.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where skills that prevented reviving or increased revival speed could be applied to alive Players and Warriors in The Eye of Destiny.
  • Fixed a bug where you did not have a short Grace Period after reviving at your Ancestral Totem in The Eye of Destiny.
  • Fixed a bug where some early-rank Trial of the Ancestor rewards rarely failed to generate in Ruthless.
  • Fixed four instance crashes.

How's the Loot

After the patch, I played a few matches spending about an hour to complete 3 wins. My ranking is ~400, and the loot from 3 runs is highly subjective. But with that said, I noticed an immediate improvement!

Previously I was getting stacks of 3-4 Chaos Orbs, now the mechanic offers 7-9 Chaos frequently. Furthermore I noticed more Unique items, better Scarabs, and got 2 valuable rewards one from a final round, and one from Hinekora.


If you want to know more about my thoughts, check out the video below!

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Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Facefoot

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