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Video Guide & POB

Last Updated: November 1st 2023

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Ice Trap Saboteur Endgame Path of Building & Video Guide.

Video Guide

Path of Building

You NEED the community fork of POB for these to work! https://pathofbuilding.community/

BOSSING ONLY: https://pobb.in/98w-hZ5e7_u3

Additional Resources


  • Upon completing this guide you will be able to one-shot The Maven, The Searing Exarch, The Eater of Worlds and Sirus.
  • This build requires you to strictly follow the Gear, Skill Gems and Passive Tree. It also requires some practice. Once setup, expect to rip your first few try's against these bosses until you get the combo down.


Written by Tripolarbear
Reviewed by Facefoot

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