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Build Info & Playstyle

Last Updated: March 6th 2023

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Ice Trap Saboteur Endgame Build Info & Playstyle.

Build Info


Ralakesh's Impatience instantly gives your maximum Power, Frenzy and Endurance Charges while you're stationary, but removes them when you move. These are used to obtain insane damage on your pre-load without needing to worry about charge generation.

These boots combined with Badge of the Brotherhood, Arn's Anguish, Void Battery and Malachai's Loop provide a large way to scale damage.


Heatshiver is the reason you use Ice Trap. This item alone more than doubles your damage, and can be reasonably bought with a Maximum Power Charge corruption which provides an even larger damage boost.

Pantheon & Bandits

Bandits: Kill all

For information about acquisition, alternatives and upgrading check out our Pantheon Guide!

Arakaali is your Major Pantheon. It provides reduced Damage Over Time, gives Chaos Resistance against DOT and gives additional recovery when you've stopped taking DOT.

Tukohama is your Minor Pantheon, fully upgraded it offers substantial physical defence and life regeneration.

Brine King is also an option for Major Pantheon if you need to do a few Maps.



It is NOT recommended to play maps with this build. This build was made specifically for BOSSING.


This build has a very specific playstyle. You will fail your Bosses until you understand the playstyle needed to one-shot them. The video within the article shows you where and how to pre-load on the 4 Uber Bosses you're farming. This is your skill rotation for the pre-load BEFORE the boss spawns:

  1. Lay down Ice Trap until your Trap limit of 19.
  2. Use Arcanist Brand under the Boss.
  3. Proc your Zealotry and Divine Blessing Support setup within 5 seconds of the boss spawning.
  4. Continue to lay down Ice Trap until your Trap limit of 19.
  5. 2 Seconds before the Boss spawns use Bear Trap.
  6. 1 Seconds before the Boss spawns use Righteous Fire and all of your Flasks.
  7. As the boss spawns spam more Ice Trap in case you goofed the rotation.

Sirus and the Maven can be tricky on your first runs. For Sirus, you must be extremely careful of the death balls, and may even need to spec into additional Chaos Resistance. Make sure to have upgraded your Pantheon to obtain the additional Chaos Resistance. You must one-shot each phase, and immediately run away and out of his arena as shown in the gameplay video.

To farm Maven, you must quickly find her new position and dodge her first auto attack with a Flame Dash if you did not pre-load fast enough. During the memory games simply spam your Ice Trap everywhere and Freeze the Bosses that spawn.

Farming Strategies

As an Uber Boss farming character you should farm only the 4 bosses listed bellow:


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