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Ice Trap Saboteur

Last Updated: May 18th 2023

The Forbidden Sanctum 3.20Archived

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Warning: Ice Trap Saboteur is built for BOSSING ONLY. This character is exceptionally weak against mapping content, but exceptionally strong against a few endgame Uber bosses. You MUST level this with our Twink Leveling Guide and boost it through 5-way Emblems. You CANNOT Level as this build.

The Ralakesh's Impatience Ice Trap Saboteur Stacks Charges and pre-loads Traps to one-shot 4 of the endgame Uber bosses.

This build is a bossing specialist with a very specific purpose, to one-shot and farm the following bosses:

Build Rating

DifficultyVery High
MappingVery Weak
DefenceVery Weak

Skills & Showcase

Ice Trap

Ice Trap is your primary skill and is used to do the majority of your damage and clearing in maps. This build uses Ice Trap to utilize Heatshiver and take advantage of the fact that bosses can be in a frozen state, even while they're able to move.

Ascendancy Breakdown

Ice Trap Saboteur Ascendancy Points

The Saboteur is your choice as it offers everything you need to deal tons of Trap damage, and recover the Life lost from Slavedriver's Hand.

  • Chain Reaction Provides nice Quality of Life by having nearby Traps trigger other nearby Traps, and provides 50% AOE to ensure your Traps hit their target.
  • Pyromaniac is your main source of recovery, granting 10% Life Regeneration and Immunity to Ignite and Shock.
  • Perfect Crime grants additional damage for each Trap out. Make sure to lay all of your traps to take full advantage of this node!
  • Explosives Expert provides a huge boost in damage.

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