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Last Updated: March 6th 2023

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Ice Trap Saboteur Endgame Gear Progression, Important Milestones, Budget Items, Jewels & Crafting.

Core Items

The equipment shown is core to the build. Every enchant, every corruption and every modifier must be obtained if you wish to one-shot the Uber bosses.

Main Hand

Item: Void Battery

This build Scales Power charges to obtain a lot of Critical Strike Chance and damage. Void Battery is the perfect weapon to include as it grants an additional Maximum Power Charge, and provides Spell Damage per Power Charge.


Item: Malachai's Loop

This shield provides 2 additional Maximum Power Charges, and another source of Spell Damage per Power Charge. Remember that you ignore the downside because of Ralakesh's Impatience causing your Minimum Charges to become your Maximum Charges.


Item: Heatshiver

This Helmet AND the Maximum Power Charge corruption more than double this builds damage. That's because bosses can technically be in the Frozen state even if they can still move and the build scales incredibly well off of Maximum Power Charges so the corruption is a must.

Body Armour

Item: Dialla's Malefaction

Obtain a +2 to Level of Socketed Trap of Mine Gems corruption OR +2 to Level of Socketed AOE Gems. IMPORTANT! Socket your Ice Trap AND Empower Support in RED Sockets, and all other Supports in Green Sockets.


Item: Slavedriver's Hand

These Gloves allow Cast Speed to also apply to Trap Throwing Speed, which is a huge damage boost because the build is stacking 11+ Frenzy Charges and picking up some Cast Speed from the tree.


Item: Ralakesh's Impatience

These Boots are how the build generates all of its charges before the Boss even spawns. It's very important you stand still while your Traps are exploding or you lose all of your damage. Make sure to purchase a pair with the Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently Enchant.


Item: Badge of the Brotherhood

This Amulet makes your Maximum Frenzy Charges equal to your Maximum Power Charges, so that you only have to scale how many Power Charges are obtained. Anoint the notable Disciple of the Slaughter with Golden Oil, Verdant Oil and Amber Oil.


Item: New Item + New Item

These Rings are to cap Resistances and to provide additional damage. They're extremely simple to craft with the following steps:

  1. Obtain a Fractured +50 to Strength Base on a Two-Stone Ring base.
  2. Spam Shrieking Essence of Scorn until you obtain T1 +x% to all Elemental Resistances OR a T1 Elemental Resistance (you can Resistance to swap to Lightning with Harvest). You need all Resistance on one Ring and Lightning Resistance on the other.
  3. Craft Prefixes Cannot be Changed and use a Veiled Chaos Orb. Craft Mana, and Unveil the maximum Life modifier. Then finish it with an increased Damage craft.


Item: Arn's Anguish

This Belt changes Endurance Charges into Brutal Charges which give a chance to triple your damage. Obtain the Critical Strike Multiplier Corruption.


Flasks provide a massive amount of defense and damage. Roll, use and enchant all your flasks following these combinations:

  • Bottled Faith
  • Cinderswallow Urn
  • Atziri's Promise
  • Diamond Flask
  • Silver Flask

Enchant your flasks with Enkindling Orb:

  • 60-70% increased Effect

Have 1 of each of these suffixes:

  • % increased Cast Speed during Flask effect
  • % increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effect


Watcher's Eye

Item: Watcher's Eye

Purchase a Watcher's Eye with the modifier % to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred.

Large Cluster Jewel

Purchase 2 Large Cluster Jewels with the following modifiers:

  • Prismatic Heart
  • Corrosive Elements
  • Disorienting Display

Medium Cluster Jewel

Purchase 2 Medium Cluster Jewels with the following modifiers:

  • Surprise Sabotage
  • Guerilla Tactics
  • Arcane Pyrotechnics (only one of these)
Forbidden Flesh & Flame

Purchase a Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh Combo that gives the Assassin Node Unstable Infusion.

Militant Faith

Purchase any Militant Faith that has the faithful converted by High Templar Dominus. Make sure it doesn't change the Power Charge node!

Rare Jewels

Purchase 4 Rare Jewels with this trade link. You can increase or decrease the modifier count depending on how much currency you have.

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