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Affliction Farming Guide

Last Updated: December 26th 2023

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Affliction 3.23

This Affliction Farming Guide covers the basics of farming the Wildwood in endgame to maximize your rewards and profitability. In this article we’ll be focusing on currency making, check out our other resources for information about Wildwood Ascendancies and quests.

Note: The Affliction League is ongoing and new strategies and mechanics are being discovered frequently. This article may be updated throughout the league.

In the Affliction league every Map spawns a portal to the Viridian Wildwood at the start of the area. Entering it moves you to a new zone shrouded in darkness and inhabited by Wisps. Follow these and Wisps gather them as they lead you to special events within the Wildwood. Gathering Wisps makes your map far more challenging and rewarding and events take many different forms each of which are lucrative in their own way. Revealing darkness in the woods expends “light” a limited resource you gain a set amount of each map. Once you’re out you cannot progress further and it’s time to leave. After exiting the woods your map and the monsters in it is empowered with all the Wisps you have gathered.

The Affliction league is currently considered one of the hardest but most rewarding leagues in Path of Exile’s history so get ready for huge challenge and rewards, happy farming!


The Viridian Wildwood has a number of key mechanics to watch out for including league-specific Vendors and Wisps which empower monsters in your map.

The Darkness

Spending your "light" wisely while uncovering darkness is key to exploring the Wildwood. You only consume light when revealing darkness so backtracking or moving around in already revealed areas has no penalty. When navigating the darkness ensure you plan your route first and always follow a Wisp trail if possible as they contain the majority of rewards you're seeking. It’s possible to extend your time in the Wildwood and gain more “light” by finding and collecting white wisps deep in the darkness.

White Wisps

There are two types of white Wisps, one which explodes revealing a large area. The other grants additional "light" used to explore the Viridian Wildwood.

Large Pulsating Revealing Wisp
Small Dim "Light" Recharge Wisp

Colored Wisps

There are 3 different Wisp colors you can collect each of which increase challenge and rewards in different ways when empowering enemies in your maps. Maximizing your Wisps is a crucial part of farming the Affliction league mechanic.

Yellow (Vivid)

  • Monster Effect: Damage Reduction and increased speed.
  • Reward: More item quantity
  • Special Note: The quantity from these Wisps is a more multiplier meaning it multiplies player, map and monster quantity and with enough wisps you can double and even triple loot from empowered monsters. This quantity also reportedly applies to mechanics that traditional monster, player and map quantity does not like Expedition re-roll currency and Harbinger shards.

Pink (Wild)

  • Monster Effect: Damage Reduction, more Projectiles and Area of Effect.
  • Reward: More Rarity.
  • Special Note: The rarity from these Wisps is a more multiplier therefore it multiplies player, map and monster rarity. This rarity also reportedly applies to mechanics that traditional monster, player and map rarity does not like Harbinger shards yielding much rarer results like Fracturing Shards more frequently.

Blue (Primal)

  • Monster Effect: Damage reduction, more Critical Strike Chance and additional Critical Strike Multiplier
  • Reward: Drop additional currency items.
  • Special Note: The currency from these Wisps can be basic, Exotic or Map Currency meaning you can drop incredibly rare currencies like eldritch exalted, annulment and chaos orbs but also very expensive map type currencies like Valdo’s Puzzle Box and Voidborn Reliquary Keys.
Pink and Yellow Wisp Trail

Enemy Empowerment

Enemy Empowerment - The total amount of enemies empowered in your map, the color and degree of empowerment is dependent on the following factors;

  • Gathering any amount of Wisps of any color grants a chance for enemies to be empowered. The more Wisps you have of a color the higher the chance enemies will be empowered by it.
  • Every enemy shares the same chance to be empowered so gathering more Wisps or adding more monsters to your maps is the best way to increase total empowered monsters.
  • Each Wisp's chance to empower monsters is calculated separately so having 5000 primal (blue) Wisps and only 500 wild (pink) Wisps will grant you far more Primal empowered monsters compared to Wild empowered.
  • The more of a Wisp you gather the stronger the effect of the empowerment so gathering a large amount of blue Wisps will result in many many currency items dropping.

Wisp Combos

Enemies can be empowered by multiple Wisps at the same time and each of the effects interacts in a unique way to offer far more rewards and challenges.

  • Blue Pink -  yields guaranteed currency drops from all enemies and increased rarity of those currency drops. This combo drops more frequent divine orbs, valdo’s puzzle boxes and voidborn reliquary keys.
  • Blue Yellow - yields the highest raw amount of currency by multiplying blue Wisp currency drops with yellow Wisps. Due to the quantity of currency dropped this Wisp combo is considered by many to be the most powerful of the 2 color combinations.
  • Pink Yellow - is the highest variance and relies on granting you many more chances at rare drops such as uniques. This combo also has the strongest interaction with archnemesis item conversion modifiers that convert all loot to currency, scarabs and other items making it incredibly feast or famine but screenshot worthy when it works out.
  • Rainbow - Having all three colors at once is the most powerful, it offers all the combination benefits above but most importantly offers the strongest empowerment of currency. You gain guaranteed currency drops from blue Wisps, more of them from yellow and then rarer drops of them from pink yielding absurd amounts of high rarity currencies.

Combo Ranking

When gathering Wisps the most important factor is to gather as many as possible but if able you should prioritize gathering the color combinations in this order.

Rainbow Wisps (Mostly Blue) > Blue Yellow (Mostly Blue) > Blue Pink (Mostly Blue) > Pure Blue > Pink Yellow > Pure Yellow > Pure Pink


Wisp trails almost always lead to or surround events in the Wildwood which either lead to more wisps or contain other rewards these should always be your priority. Interacting with as many events as possible is key to farming the most currency from Affliction.

Blue Events

Yellow Events

Pink Events

Other Events

How To Run It

There are two ways to go about farming currency from the Affliction league mechanic. The first is through each of the ascendency vendors, many of their offerings are consistently worth a divine or two and in some cases even more. The second is through empowering your maps with the different Wisp combinations, the more Wisps and the greater variety you gather the more loot you can expect from your maps.


Encountering vendors as fast and frequently as possible is lucrative enough to be a currency strategy on its own but can also be combined with Affliction Wisp farming. Events and by extension vendors are always located at the end of a Wisp trail corresponding to their type, each offer to sell you a special item. Every vendors items can be incredibly valuable so the best approach is to use Awakened PoE Trade to price check all of them.

Vendor Rating

The breaker of Oaths (Pink):

  • Currency Potential: Medium
  • What To Buy: When encountering the Breaker of Oaths search the corpses on offer for "Perfect" corpses, these are primarily what you sell to other players but only specific types and are the only ones worth price checking with Awakened PoE Trade.

The Warden Of Eaves (Yellow):

  • Currency Potential: Low
  • What To Buy: The Warden of Eaves offers a more niche ascendency item in tinctures that less players are opting to use leading to lower are more narrow demand. Some tinctures can still be worth currency though so feel free to price check any mod combinations you deem worthy.

The Primal Huntress (Blue):

  • Currency Potential: High
  • What To Buy: The Primal Huntress offers charms which are used by the most commonly chosen Wildwood Ascendency and demand an astronomical price for the best ones. Price check every charm sold by the primal huntress.
Primal Huntress
The Breaker of Oaths
The Warden of Eaves

Pro Tip: Some tincture and charm modifiers require certain item level bases to roll meaning they can only spawn in higher tier maps. As a general rule in order to acquire the best charms and tinctures you should hunt vendors in at least tier 14 or higher maps.

When aiming to target farm vendors specifically in the Wildwood prioritize locating and following blue Wisp trails first and pink Wisp trails as an alternative if blue is not present. The primal huntress offers you the best shot at purchasing something worth multiple divines to sell but failing that the Breaker of Oaths can also sometimes have valuable corpses on offer.

Farming Affliction Vendors

Step 1 - Enter a map (Tier 14 or higher preferably).

Step 2 - Locate the portal to the Viridian Wildwood and a blue or pink Wisp trail. If no trail is present search in the darkness for one.

Step 3 - Follow Wisp trail until finding a vendor, collect any white "light" Wisps on the way.

Step 4 - When finding a vendor price check all their items with awakened PoE trade, purchase any valuable items. Spend remaining light searching for another vendor or collecting more Wisps (multiple of the same type of vendor can spawn in 1 woods encounter).

Step 5 - When running out of "light" after finding or failing to find a vendor leave the Wildwood and either complete the map with your Wisp empowerments or leave the map and repeat from step 1 if you deem the Wisp amount to be to low or you are target farming vendors.

Wisp Farming

Affliction Wisp Farming is the most lucrative Path of Exile farm of all time and it's not close. When pursuing it aim to maximize having as many Wisp empowered monsters of as many different colors as possible. The best way to acquire a high amount of Wisps in your maps is to slay Wisp empowered monsters, seek out and complete rare or unique monster events as each of them grants thousands of Wisps of their respective color. Alternatively following dense Wisp trails can also be effective and of course leads to more events.

Warning: when aiming to farm high amounts of Wisp empowered monsters be ready for extreme challenge and reward especially when combined with certain league mechanics!

When seeking Wisps use the following priority order for collection in general gameplay depending on what you deem possible in the Wildwood spawn you have in each map.

Step 1 - Enter a map.

Step 2 - Locate the portal to the Viridian Wildwood and a Wisp trail. If no trail is present search in the darkness for one.

Step 3 - Follow Wisp trail until finding an event slay ALL monsters on the way, extract all Wisps from event that are revealed in the light (do not collect colored stray Wisps in the darkness only use the light to follow trails). Collect any white "light" Wisps on the way.

Step 4 - When accumulating an abundance of Wisps of a single color search for an alternative color to maximize rewards. If all three colors have been encountered aim for a strong amount of each for best results. Repeat step 3 until "light" runs out.

Step 5 - When your light runs out, collect all residual Wisps you left behind and slay any final monsters you encounter. Complete the map with your Wisp empowerments.

Pro Tip: When specifically farming Affliction Wisp empowered maps a good amount of Wisps is 5000-6000 total Wisps across all colors. Depending on the investment of your maps exiting maps with less than 4000 Wisps may increase your profit per hour as you'll be able to run more juicy maps.

Scaling Loot

When you're farming with the Affliction league mechanic, there are a variety of factors which affect the loot you get.


Increased Item Quantity - Quantity of loot dropped from Wisp empowered monsters is scaled by map quantity and the rarity of the monster, blue monsters drop more than white, rare monsters drop more than blue. The reason for this is each rarity of monster has it's own inherit loot quantity multipliers that in turn multiply Wisp loot, for this reason the most potent monsters to slay are archnemesis Rares with as many mods as possible. It is currently unclear if quantity has any impact on Wildwood vendors or the amount of Wisps in the Wildwood.

Increased Item Rarity - Unlike quantity rarity appears to have less impact on overall currency gains from Wisp empowered monsters. Rarity primarily boosts how many uniques you can expect to get from monsters and doesn't seem to have any direct impact on currency items dropped from blue Wisps based on current findings. Rarity has no impact on Wildwood vendors or Wisps gathered in the Wildwood.

Increased Pack Size - The more monsters present in the map the more targets there are for empowerment. Aim for as much pack size and additional monsters as possible of as high rarity as you can if possible. Pack size may also yield more Wisps in the Wildwood by increasing the amount of Wisp empowered Rares and monsters.

Maps & Player

Map Tier - Outside of improving the potential mods that can spawn on tinctures and charms it is currently unclear what impact map tier has on the Wildwood and the rewards you can expect from it. To get all the best charm and tincture mods Tier 14+ maps are best.

Magic Find - Similar to increased quantity and rarity on monsters and map modifiers player quantity and rarity both behave in the same way. Prioritizing quantity over rarity is currently the most favored Affliction farming strategy to achieve the most loot from Wisp empowered monsters.

League Mechanics

League mechanics are the primary way you'll be increasing the amount of empowered monsters in your maps, but also add insane challenge. Here are all the best, worst and most dangerous league mechanics to run with affliction, refer to our Affliction farming strategies for how to put these league mechanics into practice and the associated atlas passive trees.

  • Breach
    • Risk Level: Medium
    • Reward Level: Medium
  • Abyss
    • Risk Level: High
    • Reward Level: Very High
  • Expedition
    • Risk Level: High
    • Reward Level: Medium
  • Harvest
    • Risk Level: High
    • Reward Level: Medium
  • Legion
    • Risk Level: Very High
    • Reward Level: Very High
  • Delirium
    • Risk Level: High
    • Reward Level: High
  • Ultimatum
    • Risk Level: High
    • Reward Level: None
  • Blight
    • Risk Level: High
    • Reward Level: Medium
  • Ritual
    • Risk Level: Medium
    • Reward Level: Medium
  • Ambush
    • Risk Level: Low
    • Reward Level: Medium - Very High
  • Incursion
    • Risk Level: Medium
    • Reward Level: Medium
  • Harbinger
    • Risk Level: Medium
    • Reward Level: High
  • Torment
    • Risk Level: High
    • Reward Level: Medium - Very High
  • Beyond
    • Risk Level: High
    • Reward Level: High


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