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Harvest Farming Guide

Last Updated: March 29th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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This Harvest Farming Guide covers the basics of farming Harvest as well as how to maximize your rewards and profitability.

Adding Harvest to your map spawns a portal to the Sacred Grove that contains plots of exotic plants. Interacting with the plots spawns groups of challenging monsters that upon defeat drop their precious Lifeforce. This Lifeforce can be used in harvest crafting to transform items or modify gear in powerful ways. There are three separate colors of Lifeforce each with their own crafts as well as a powerful boss encounter that drops a map you can sell for a high price.

The Exclusive rewards offered by harvest are considered incredibly valuable and often become more expensive throughout the league it is a highly sought after mechanic and is incredibly profitable.

The Sacred Grove


When Farming Harvest there are a number of key mechanics to watch out for to ensure you're achieving maximum rewards.

Harvest Colours - There are three separate colors of Harvest plants you will encounter. Each of these types drop their own colored Lifeforce which is used in color exclusive crafts. The crafts that are most in demand decide which Lifeforce is most valuable, choosing the more expensive color to Harvest is almost always the right decision and will lead to greater income. The Lifeforce types are:

  • Primal Crystallised Lifeforce
  • Vivid Crystallised Lifeforce
  • Wild Crystallised Lifeforce

Selecting A Plot - When entering the Sacred Grove you are given the choice between two plots of plants which can be different colors. Plots can also contain different monster types, specifically different rarities, higher rarity plants award far more Lifeforce. It can sometimes be best to go against the most expensive color and choose the plot with the most rare monsters in it for maximum Lifeforce.

High Rarity Plants - Some plots rarely contain unique seeds which spawn a powerful Harvest boss for you to battle. Upon defeating it you receive a Sacred Blossom which can be sold or used to access a challenging but rewarding boss fight. It is always worth it to select the Harvest plot containing the unique seed as the Sacred Blossom is incredibly valuable!

Signature Rewards - The signature reward of harvest is Lifeforce, ensuring you farm the correct color and sell it in large quantities is the key to your success. The occasional Sacred Blossom is also a massive boost to your profits in the long term if you decide to sell it.

How To Run It

The most efficient way to run Harvest is to identify which color Lifeforce is most expensive and purchase a Compass that guarantees that color on each plot along side a way to force harvest on every map with a Kirac modifier or Compass. Always choose the patch that has your desired Lifeforce color unless the other patch is overwhelmingly more enticing based on many rare monsters or a unique plant.

When running Harvest normally, complete the map until you find a Sacred Grove and clear it out using the instructions below. When running in higher tiered maps containing Eldritch Altars it is most efficient to spawn the majority of Eldritch Altars in the map in hopes of activating increased item quantity buffs to substantially increase the amount of Lifeforce you earn.

Step 1 - Run the map normally until you encounter the Sacred Grove and enter.

Step 2 - Clear each plot selecting the most valuable group of plants each time.

Step 3 - Collect your Lifeforce on the way and ensure you target all unique plants.

Step 4 - When finished exit the grove and complete the map.

Atlas Passives

Atlas passives are a massive boost to Harvest and understanding which ones are worth taking is essential, refer to our review below.

Call of the GroveSubstantially increases your chance to naturally encounter the Sacred Grove in maps that do not already have it present. This node is mandatory unless you are using Harvest on Kirac or a Compass.
Bumper CropGrants a 50% chance for Harvests to contain an additional field of plants. A straight upgrade to your loot take this whenever running Harvest .
Bountiful HarvestGives a small increase to the monsters spawned within the Harvest , it's not incredible but most harvest strategies still opt to allocate it.
Doubling SeasonGrants a chance for Lifeforce to be duplicated. This node is a straight upgrade to your Harvest strategy so definitely pick it up!
Primal DroughtReduces the chance for blue plants to spawn in your Harvest fields by 25%. If the Lifeforce you wish to farm is not blue allocate this node to increase the chance of getting the Lifeforce you do want.
Vivid DroughtReduces the chance for pink plants to spawn in your Harvest fields by 25%. If the Lifeforce you wish to farm is not pink allocate this node to increase the chance of getting the Lifeforce you do want.
Wild DroughtReduces the chance for yellow plants to spawn in your Harvest fields by 25%. If the Lifeforce you wish to farm is not yellow allocate this node to increase the chance of getting the Lifeforce you do want.
Heart of the GroveIncreases the chance of encountering unique plants and gives a 10% chance at allowing you to Harvest an additional plant patch per plot increasing rewards substantially!

Scaling Loot


Increased Item Quantity - Substantially increases the possible earnings from Harvest and is considered mandatory to stack in order to make profit. Quantity is a direct multiplier on the amount of Lifeforce that drops from monsters.

Increased Item Rarity - it is unknown if rarity contributes to the spawning mechanics of harvest plants at this stage.

Increased Pack Size - Similar to item quantity is an essential loot multiplier and directly scales how many monsters spawn after triggering a harvest patch.


Harvest Scarab - Guarantess a Sacred Grove encounter in your map. It is currently possible to reach 100% chance via the Atlas Passive Tree, meaning this scarab has limited use cases.

Harvest Scarab of Doubling - A flat 2x multiplier to the amount of Lifeforce you can receive from farming harvest. A must use in all endgame strategies focusing on Harvest.

Harvest Scarab of Cornucopia - This scarab guarantees 1 Tier 4 seed of each colour if possible. Due to it's extremely static nature, this scarab has a very low margin in trade league, but can be extremely useful for acquiring Sacred Blossoms in SSF.

Kirac Modifier

Additional Sacred Grove - In some leagues the map device offers a "Kirac modifier" that adds a Sacred Grove to the map for a Chaos Orb fee. This can be used in place of the compass modifier or strategies that rely on luck to encounter the grove.

Map Choice

For maximum efficiency run Harvest on maps that are fast for your build completing more Sacred groves is the best way to earn more Lifeforce over a play session.

Due to Harvests exceptional scaling with increased item quantity taking advantage of maps that synergize with Eldritch Altars is essential to maximizing profits in the end game. While farming Eldritch Influence, altars that increase item quantity can spawn and will apply to Harvest, massively increasing profits. There are specific maps where this altar modifier has a far greater chance of spawning.

Mausoleum MapThis map has an increased chance of granting quantity altars due to how it's boss spawn works. Leave the boss until last when running it to gain the most from Harvest and the altars, the layout is also fast and effective.
Jungle Valley MapSimilar to Mausoleum due to the way the boss spawns expect more increased quantity Eldritch Altars when clearing correctly. Overall a faster map to run and superior to Mausoleum in leagues it is available.
City Square MapOne of the fastest layout maps in the game for all builds allowing for the most Sacred Groves possible per session. Running this map sacrifices potential altar quantity modifiers for speed.

Selling Your Loot

Here are the drops you can expect to acquire with this strategy, follow our Bulk Selling guide to learn more about how to sell them or pick up some advanced sales tricks in our dedicated Harvest farming builds.


Sacred Blossoms

Generic Loot


Written by Grimro, Milkybk_
Reviewed by Facefoot

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