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Necropolis League Mechanic

Last Updated: March 24th 2024

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This is everything we know so far about the Necropolis League Mechanic based on the reveal livestream and patch notes. We'll be adding new resources as the league unfolds, so stay tuned for future updates!

The Lantern of Arimor

Player choice is a huge focus for Path of Exile's 3.24 league, Necropolis. The Lantern of Arimor controls which monsters are haunted, what modifiers they possess, and even the pack composition of enemies in your map. As you learn more about Path of Exile's enemies it becomes easier to safely empower foes for more lucrative rewards.

To enter a new zone, begin by interacting with the Lantern of Arimor. This governs the powerful malevolent spirits that haunt the zone's monsters (and their rewards)! Interacting with monsters in the zone will influence the modifiers in your next zone. But if you don't like the choices offered in your map you can always run another one.

Using the Lantern

The Lantern of Arimor provides information about the monster packs within your map, mouse over the monster to learn more about its abilities.

You can rearrange the Lantern modifiers to choose which enemies are affected. The potency scales with tier, so a tier I modifier is less impactful than a tier VI. Place these carefully, you might want a tier I modifier on a rare and dangerous enemy or a tier VI on a common foe to increase your rewards!

Rare Devoted modifiers spawn on the Lantern of Arimor. These modifiers, denoted in gold enhance the loot of the affected monster packs. An example of this is producing a Nameless Seer when the final pack is killed offering you 1 Unique item.

Pack leaders are more powerful Rare and Magic monsters who appear within the horde of foes occupying your map, the Pack Size dictates the number of monsters and the pack density regulates the frequency with which they appear. Sometimes a modifier won't have any effect, if you put Accuracy on a spellcaster the monsters don't get any buffs. Use this to nullify dangerous enemies. Alternatively, if a monster appears frequently give it a high tier modifier to increase your odds of finding Devoted enemies within the next zone.

Zone Resets

During the Necropolis League Mechanic reveal GGG said you needed to wait a few minutes to reset a zone if you don't like the choices offered. However later during the Q&A, they mentioned the mechanic doesn't play nice with creating new instances from a waypoint so be aware of that when leveling. In the endgame, your map is "locked" once the options are revealed (similar to unveils with Jun) so your only option is to open it and run a new map.

Embers of the Allflame

On the other hand, if something is especially dangerous, you can remove it entirely using Embers of the Allflame. These embers drop from Haunted enemies within your map and contain the essence of a monster. When you use an Allflame Ember the result retains the Pack Density of the original enemy so choose carefully. Other Allflame Embers teased include Breach and Legion monsters, Untainted enemies (with an experience bonus), or "harmless" Frogs!

Fun fact, you can Spectre the Allflame enemies!

Unresolved Anguish

Some possessed monsters have an Unresolved Anguish modifier. These special foes yield valuable corpses when slain. Undertaker Arimor collects these corpses, even in death their souls remain useful. A majority of the Necropolis League Rewards come in the form of soul crafting.

A Garden of Corpses

Collect these corpses to participate in the new Necropolis League crafting system. Alternatively, itemize them with Coffins (purchased from Arimor for 1 Chaos Orb) to sell any unwanted bodies to other eager Exiles. Combine the effects of various corpses to influence your outcomes when creating items in the graveyard.

You place monsters in graves, then the Arimor absorbs their soul energy to create a powerful item. Each monster influences the outcome, making modifiers more likely, increasing their tier or possibly creating a Necropolis League unique. There's quite a lot of player agency here. You can place several corpses together for a tightly focused craft, or fill your entire graveyard. Each adjacent plot contributes to the final item when an exorcism is performed.

Bury corpses to increase the chance of a modifier appearing on the final item, modify its tier, or influence the base type. You can influence most aspects of an item's creation but nothing is a certainty. Early league, focus on targeting a few direct upgrades. The more ambitious crafting projects require a large number of corpses to stack these effects on top of each other. You can also use metacrafting effects to change the results based on the type of monsters you bury.

Special Modifiers

  • Gems can be Socketed in this item ignoring Socket Colour (Body)
  • +1 to Maximum Power Charges (Helmet).
  • % of Damage Taken is Recouped as life (Body)
  • Attacks have 24% chance to Maim on Hit (Gloves)
  • Movement Speed Cannot be modified to below base Value (Boots)

Like the Recombinators from Sentinel League these special modifiers offer a lot of power. We don't yet know the creation process, it could be a specific corpse or random chance. However, the more corpses you use, the greater control you have over the resulting item.

Necropolis Uniques

The method to obtain Necropolis League Uniques is a bit unconventional, instead of finding them or defeating a boss you need to track down the souls of important Noble families from the Eternal Empire.

For example, the Perandus Pact Prismatic Jewel is a new gamble item. Obtain this Unique jewel by laying the Perandus Family to rest. It rolls from a wide variety of random modifiers similar to the Watcher's Eye. By burying Corpses alongside the family, you can attempt to influence the outcome. The corpses you use as part of the crafting process influence the properties of Necropolis League Uniques created by the mechanic.

Necropolis Atlas Passives

Another piece of big news from the Necropolis League reveal is that Necropolis is launching with its own atlas passives! These include small passives to enhance Necropolis effects, Notables to change how you farm, and keystones to redefine the mechanics.


  • Prospero's Wager (Keystone)
    • All Corpses with Unresolved Anguish in your Maps have 'Reveals a Random Craft when Buried.
  • Fear of the Light (Keystone)
    • Haunted Modifiers are applied randomly to Packs in your Maps.
    • Monster Packs in your Maps have a 25% chance to have an additional Haunted Modifier.
    • Embers of the Allflame cannot be found in your Maps.


  • Eternal Torment
    • Haunted Pack Leaders in your Maps have 50% increased chance to be Rare.
    • 50% chance to spawn a Tormented Spirit when you collect a Corpse in your Maps.
  • Devour Pursuit
    • The Lantern of Arimor has 30% increased chance for Devoted Modifiers.
  • Imperial Wraiths
    • Haunted modifiers in the Lantern of Arimor are a tier higher.
  • An Honest Job
    • Gain Gravekeeper's Boon when you collect a Corpse in your Maps.
  • Geminate Haunting
    • Haunted Monsters with Unresolved Anguish in your Maps have 25% chance to leave an additional Corpse.
  • Royal Souls
    • Corpses in your Maps have 100% increased chance to have Unique Item crafting outcomes.
  • Condensed Souls
    • Corpses in your Maps have 100% increased chance to have Modifier Tier Rating crafting outcomes.
  • Decisive Souls
    • Corpses in your Maps have 100% increased chance to have Meta-Modifier crafting outcomes.


The Necropolis League Mechanic nodes are spread across the atlas passive tree. This means you're unlikely to take all of them at once and instead want to focus on grabbing effects that appear near mechanics you're already investing in. The lower-left cluster looks particularly impactful offering both Devour Pursuit and Imperial Wraiths. On the other hand, if you're a lazy gigachad who can't be bothered with trivial tasks like organizing monster affixes use Fear of the Light to randomize the whole thing.


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3.24 On the Horizon!

That's everything we know so far about Path of Exile's 3.24 Necropolis League mechanic so far but more updates are coming soon. Are you seeking more news on Path of Exile builds, events, and upcoming patches? Then head over to our Discord and select the Path of Exile role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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