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Video Guide & PoB

Last Updated: September 4th 2023

Trial of the Ancestors 3.22

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Poison Spark Pathfinder Path of Building (PoB) & Video Guide.

Video Showcase

Here is the video for a Tattoo Enabled Poison Spark Pathfinder by Tenkiei for use in Trial of the Ancestors. Use this video showcase for inspiration, the build does not perfectly match this guide due to the use of Tattoos.

Video Guide with Tattoos.

Path of Building

You NEED the community fork of POB for these to work! https://pathofbuilding.community/

Poison Spark Pathfinder Endgame Path of Building: PoB Here

Additional Resources


Poison Spark Pathfinder is a great high end build that excels at both Mapping and Bossing. This build's greatest strength is its versatility as it can not only tackle all content in the game but feels great to play while doing it. Remember to pay close attention to the build's key mechanics as you're putting the character together.

  • Pathfinder has many great Leaguestarter options that can be used to transition into this build.
  • Permanent Flask uptime and high Flask Effect feels like you're wearing a Mageblood.
    • You can play Poison Spark Occultist for easier Curse scaling or Poison Spark Trickster and scale Energy Shield, but Poison Spark Pathfinder offers the most well-rounded experience.
  • Solid defenses through Physical Damage taken As modifiers, paired with incredible recovery from Bloodnotch and Instant Leech.
  • Explosions and automated Curses from Asenath's Gentle Touch.
  • This build has a very relaxed playstyle and enough defenses that you can survive most mistakes.
  • While the build uses many Rare items, pay close attention when crafting the gear.


Written by Tenkiei
Reviewed by Crouching_Tuna, Facefoot

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