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Kazeros Raid Echidna & South Kurzan Adventure Tome Guide

Last Updated: June 18th 2024

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The palace of pleasure awaits! You’ve proven your strength on multiple occasions, but is your mind equally resilient, or will you succumb to your own desires? Echidna welcomes you with open arms; her warm embrace can become your new sanctuary, and her smile might make you forget your worries. But no, adventurer, stay strong! Conquer this Kazeros Raid by mastering your desires!

Echidna Gates

This Kazeros Raid can be attempted by 8-player teams, with Normal Mode requiring everyone to be Item Level 1620, while Hard Mode requires Item Level 1630. Both difficulties feature 2 Gates.

Disclaimer: All cheat sheets were added to the Cheat Sheet Collection article.

Raid Rewards

South Kurzan Adventure Tome & More

With this patch, you are also introduced to South Kurzan and its hidden secrets. Additionally, the new Advanced Honing System should aid you to improve your strength and Item Level.

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