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Voldis Adventure Tome, Ivory Tower, Elixir Guide & More

Last Updated: December 13th 2023

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Adventurers, get ready to embark on a new journey in the world of Arkesia! The upcoming updates introduce a plethora of new content, including the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon, the Gargadeth Guardian Raid, the Voldis Adventure Tome, and the Elixir system.

Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon Guides

The Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon is a new challenge that awaits players in the land of Voldis. The dungeon has four gates and requires an item level of 1600 for Normal and 1620 for Hard mode. Players can earn honing materials, gold, and special achievements by completing the dungeon.

Voldis Adventure Tome & Elixir

The Voldis Adventure Tome Guide will help you discover hidden wonders and magical locations on your journey to the Sage’s Tower. The sages will introduce you to a powerful elixir, and we will assist you in concocting the perfect one.

Gargadeth Guardian Raid Guide

The Gargadeth Guardian Raid is another exciting addition to the game, which will test players’ skills and teamwork. He is a formidable opponent who increases his strength with the power of lightning. However, he is less challenging (annoying) than the glowing tree called Sonavel.


Maxroll is looking for new editors who can write and update class build guides for Lost Ark. With the ever-expanding amount of classes in Lost Ark and the upcoming increase in balance patch update frequency, it is getting more difficult to keep updating the Class Build Guides on time. To solve this problem and overhaul our Class Build section, we have decided to recruit additional dedicated Lost Ark players to our ranks. We are especially looking for players at the end game who are proficient with multiple different classes and can research, write, and update the guides, or have experience in writing similar guides.

The work for writing/updating guides gets invoiced and compensated seasonally based on our pricing system. Additional perks include increased visibility for your social media channels, behind-the-scenes info, and joining the Maxroll Family containing hardcore gamers and Content Creators of multiple different game branches.

If you are interested, please direct message me in Discord (@perciculum).

Tool Updates

In the upcoming days, Maxroll’s tools and builders will be updated to reflect recent changes, including the elixir system. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding our tools, feel free to join our Discord server and share your thoughts there.

On top of writing new content, we are always improving our existing articles, and all of you have been a great help. Join our Discord and use the #bug-report if you notice any bugs, issues, or guide errors. We will continue to work hard to make all of our content the best it can be.

On behalf of our whole Lost Ark team - Thank you for all the feedback!

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