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Kayangel Abyssal & Elgacia Adventure Tome Guide

Last Updated: March 6th 2024

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Dear Adventurers, prepare to embark on a new journey as the continent of Elgacia is set to be unveiled and the Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon awaits your arrival. This update promises to deliver a plethora of new content and challenges for you to explore and conquer.

Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon Guides

The Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon Gate 1-4 Guides will provide players guidance for a brand new 4 player PvE experience. To enter this dungeon, players must first complete the Elgacia main story. The dungeon offers two difficulty levels – Normal and Hard – and requires item levels of 1540+ and 1580+, respectively. The higher the difficulty level, the better the rewards: you can look forward to upgrades for Set Bonuses of Ancient Legion Raid Equipment to Level 3!

Elgacia Adventure Tome

The Elgacia Adventure Tome Guide will introduce players to the land of the Lazeniths, where they can explore magical locations such as Ereonnor, the City of Light, the blessed Hestera Garden, and the sacred Mount Phylantos. Discover all the hidden and “not so hidden” mysteries of Elgacia!

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