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Nightmare Dungeon Glyph Leveling Tier List

Last Updated: February 1st 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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Welcome to the Nightmare Dungeon Glyph Leveling Tier List. These are the best Nightmare Dungeons to level your Glyphs as fast as possible. The main factor is time spent from start to finish. Some Dungeons have shortcuts and don't have to be fully cleared for this objective.

The arrows indicate where an item has moved since our last Tier List update.
Dungeons are listed alphabetically within tiers.

If you're still leveling, see our Nightmare Dungeon Solo XP Tier List

* Denotes Vaults that are playable in Season 3 only.

S Tier

Vault of Cinders *
Ghoa Ruins
Mariner's Refuge
Uldur's Cave
Mercy's Reach

A Tier

Vault of Stone *
Vault of Ink *
Vault of Copper *
Blind Burrows
Dead Man's Dreadge
Rimescar Cavern
Serpent’s Lair
Bastion Of Faith
Maugan’s Works

B Tier

Komdor Temple
Light’s Refuge
Yshari Sanctum
Charnel House
Path of the Blind

C Tier

Deserted Underpass
Champion's Demise
Collapsed Vault
Wretched Delve
Guulrahn Canals
Kor Dragan Barracks
Akkhan’s Grasp
Prison of Caldeum
Betrayer’s Row

D Tier

Shivta Ruins
Faceless Shrine
Howling Warren
Tomb of the Saints

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