Nightmare Dungeon Tier Lists – Solo XP Farming & Glyph Leveling

Last Updated: August 10th 2023

Season 1 - Malignant

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Our Nightmare Dungeon Tier Lists compare the best and worst Dungeons across various desired goals. There are a total of 30 different Nightmare Dungeons in the game at a time, 6 per major region. It's important to maintain your Sigils as you farm Nightmare Dungeons so make sure you are running the majority of the ones you find. Low Tier Sigils should be salvaged first when opening up room in your inventory for more High Tier Sigils.

The arrows indicate where an item has moved since our last Tier List update.

Solo Experience Farming

These are the best Nightmare Dungeons to level your character up as fast as possible. The ranking is based on how much XP per hour you can gain. Recent buffs to monster density have increased the XP gained in these Dungeons tremendously, pushing the S Tier Dungeons far above the rest of the pack. This is the reason so many dungeons have "dropped a Tier," make no mistake, the overall XP/hr gained is much higher than it was before!

Note: Some of the worst Nightmare Dungeons for XP Farming are actually decent for Glyph Leveling. Specifically Bastion of Faith, Heretic's Asylum & Shifting City. Consider zipping through these over salvaging them if you are lacking high tier Sigils.

Glyph Leveling

These are the best Nightmare Dungeons to level your Glyphs as fast as possible. The main factor is time spent from start to finish. Some Dungeons have shortcuts and don't have to be fully cleared making them great options. Monster density buffs from Patch 1.1.1 have increased the clear time on many of these Dungeons, further highlighting the speed of the ones in the upper Tiers.

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