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Shivta Ruins Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: July 31st 2023

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Shivta Ruins is a good dungeon featuring the highly valuable Wind Striker Mobility Aspect. The layout is circular, however, which leads to lots of backtracking and slowing down clear times. Overall, it's just OK for running Nightmare Dungeons, but you should almost always run this at least once for the Codex of Power reward.

Shivta Ruins is located in the North part of Kehjistan
First Completion Rewards
+40 Renown
Codex of Power: Wind Striker Mobility Aspect
Location: Kehjistan, Amber Sands
Monsters: Zombies, Fallen, Goatmen
Boss: Seething Hivemaster
1. Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal: 2
2. Defeat the Seething Hivemaster

Dungeon Map

While every dungeon has a somewhat randomized layout, there are patterns to where objectives and bosses are located. This map will help you identify those layouts so you can complete dungeons faster and maximize your XP and loot per hour!

Raided Halls
Deserted Corridors
Shambles of Vermin


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Reviewed by Dredscythe

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