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Putrid Aquifer Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: July 26th 2023

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They layout of Putrid Aquifer is confusing at first, but it proves to be one of the fastest and safest dungeons we've seen if you can master it. The Animus Carriers are located in a circular zone surrounding the entrance, with two possible urns to deposit animus into on the north side. The second zone is straightforward - just clear each the corners of Corpse Piles. The mob types throughout are safe and slow. Since there is no boss, this is an ideal candidate for farming gear and glyphs! Your first completion will reward you with Renown and the Sorcerer's Defensive Aspect of the Unwavering, a reasonable choice for Sorcerers seeking to reset their defensive skill cooldowns.

Putrid Aquifer is located in the Western part of Kehjistan
First Completion Rewards
+40 Renown
Codex of Power: Defensive Aspect of the Unwavering
Location: Kehjistan, Ragged Coastline
Monsters: Drowned and Snakes
Boss: None
1. Collect Animus from the Animus Carriers
2. Destroy the Corpse Pile: 4

Dungeon Map

While every dungeon has a somewhat randomized layout, there are patterns to where objectives and bosses are located. This map will help you identify those layouts so you can complete dungeons faster and maximize your XP and loot per hour!

Diseased Watering Hole
Rotting Cesspools


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