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Flooded Depths Dungeon Guide

Last Updated: July 26th 2023

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Flooded Depths contains a valuable aspect for Darkness Necromancers, the Offensive Aspect of Empowering Reaper. It's incredibly fast to complete with no boss, but isn't in the Nightmare Dungeon rotation, so there's no real way to complete this over and over again. Still, this is worth your first completion 30 Renown attention.

Flooded Depths is located in the Northwest part of Scosglen
First Completion Rewards
+40 Renown
Codex of Power: Offensive Aspect of Empowering Reaper
Location: Scosglen, Hope's Light
Monsters: Drowned
Boss: None
1. Slay the Plague Ship Rower
2. Destroy the Drowned Bell: 2

Dungeon Map

While every dungeon has a somewhat randomized layout, there are patterns to where objectives and bosses are located. This map will help you identify those layouts so you can complete dungeons faster and maximize your XP and loot per hour!

Keepers' Quarters
Compromised Oilstores

Unlocking the Dungeon

This dungeon is not accessible until you cleanse out the evil in Hope's Light. This unlocks the Dungeon along with potential vendors and a waypoint. This can be done solo, but goes by quicker with a group of friends.

For further information, see our Stronghold Guide.


Written by Echohack
Reviewed by Dredscythe

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