Dungeons in Diablo 4

Last Updated: July 23rd 2023

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There are many reasons for adventurers to clear out the Dungeons found across Sanctuary. On the first completion, most Dungeons unlock a Legendary Power for the Codex of Power. They also grant 40 Renown in the zone they are located in, Gold and Experience. Dungeons tend to have a lot of Elite monsters, which translates into a ton of guaranteed loot, making them a great place to improve your gear! To finish a Dungeon you have to go complete several objectives and most have a challenging boss fight at the end.

Dungeon Rewards

Similar to any other activity in Diablo 4, completing a Dungeon grants your character Experience and Gold. Dungeons have the second-highest Renown reward in the game: 40 points on completion. These 3 rewards make Dungeons a prime target for you to complete at least once, but there is more to be gained!

Aspect unlocked pop-up

Most Dungeons unlock a Legendary Aspect in the Codex of Power, which you can put on a rare/legendary item. The imbued power can make a big difference to your characters' power, but is also costly to use. Focusing on powerful Aspects for your build saves you a good amount of Gold and headache as you progress. 115 Aspects can be found across all Dungeons in Diablo 4:

Dry Steppes
Fractured Peaks

In the following list you can find all Legendary Aspects and the Dungeon that unlocks them in the Codex of Power. Learn more details about them in our dedicated Codex of Power post.

Ancients LamentOffensive Aspect of Volatile Shadows
Betrayers RowResource Aspect of Potent Blood
Bloodsoaked CragShepherd's Offensive Aspect
Buried HallsRapid Offensive Aspect
Carrion FieldsDefensive Aspect of the Iron Warrior
Champions DemiseResource Aspect of the Umbral
Charnel HouseMobility Aspect of Perpetual Stomping
Dark RavineDefensive Aspect of Might
Forgotten DepthsOffensive Aspect of Biting Cold
Grinning LabirynthResource Aspect of the Calm Breeze
Guulrahn CanalsTrickster's Offensive Aspect
Guulrahn SlumsSplintering Offensive Aspect
Komdor TempleMobility Aspect of the Bounding Conduit
MournfieldOffensive Aspect of Berserk Ripping
Onyx HoldStorm Swell Offensive Aspect
Pallid DelveElementalist's Offensive Aspect
Path of the BlindOffensive Aspect of Bursting Bones
Sealed ArchivesDefensive Aspect of Mending Stone
Seaside DescentOffensive Aspect of Retaliation
Shifting CityRavenous Resource Aspect
Whispering VaultOffensive Aspect of Unstable Imbuements

Objectives & Boss Fight

Dungeons have 2-3 core objectives that need to be completed. The majority of Dungeons finish in an epic battle against a Boss. We'll create a guide for each dungeon boss when the game is released.

Boss Objective in Tormented Ruins

Sample list of Dungeon objectives

Boss Fight in Forbidden City

General Dungeon Information

The 115 Dungeons in Diablo 4 have features that we'd like to go through here.

Monster Families

Dungeons have a specific set of 2-3 monster families that spawn within. If Vampires and Fallen spawned in it before, then you can bet they always do. This helps to prepare for particular combat encounters that differ between monster types. It also makes certain item types more likely to drop in a particular dungeon since each monster family has bonuses to dropping certain items.

Dungeon Unlocks

Some Dungeons can only be entered once a Stronghold has been completed. Others are placed in locked areas and become available once you have progressed through the main story far enough.

Side Quests

Some Side Quests lead you into specific Dungeons for an objective, others start in a Dungeon by dropping a Quest Item. When a Side Quest brings you into a Dungeon, it is always worth completing it for the Renown points and Codex of Power entries.


There are 2 Shrines per Dungeon to help you clear it quickly. They are worth picking up because all of them grant +35% Movement Speed and various other powerful effects!


Dungeon Events

Each Dungeon has a 60% chance to contain one of the following Events. They grant additional rewards when completed!

  1. Local Events
    • Similar to the open world Local Events, these can spawn in a special tile. They reward you with Materials and Obols.
  2. Cursed Chests, Health Wells and Shrines
    • Until you complete the event's objective, you cannot open the chest or activate the Shrine. They usually require you to kill a ton of monsters.
  3. Broken Shrine
    • Occasionally you come across a broken off tip of a Shrine. Take it with you and repair the broken Shrine base to activate your bonus.
  4. The Butcher
    • Yes... He is back to scare the living sh*t out of you and your children once again! The Butcher randomly spawns in a Dungeon and is a force to be reckoned with! A description here doesn't do him justice! Check out our Butcher Guide.
Cursed Protection Shrine
The Butcher

Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons are one of the many endgame systems in Diablo 4. You can craft Nightmare Sigils at the Occultist, which creates an empowered version of specific Dungeons when activated with much harder enemies. The higher Tier you go, the harder they get.

Make yourself familiar with Nightmare Dungeons in our separate guide. They are the only place to level up your Paragon Glyphs!

Capstone Dungeons

Another unique type of dungeons are the Capstone Dungeons. You need to complete these to unlock the difficulties Nightmare (Cathedral of Light) and Torment (Fallen Temple). Make yourself familiar with them before you head into them. Especially the Fallen Temple is a challenge if you are not prepared!


  • Dungeons are one of the most important activities throughout the entire game experience. They grant you 40 Renown points and access to Legendary Aspects.
  • 2-3 main objectives have to be completed to finish a Dungeon. You'll often face a Boss at the end.
  • You can find the ultimate end-game challenge in Nightmare Dungeons. Face your fears for great rewards!
  • Only 1-2 monster families can appear, which are static in each Dungeon.
  • Be aware of the often deadly Dungeon Events that await you in 60% of Dungeons.
  • Some entrances are locked behind Strongholds or the main quest line.


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