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Butcher Guide

Last Updated: June 23rd 2023

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The Butcher is a random boss encounter that is found in Dungeons and Cellars. He is an incredibly tough opponent and will take you by surprise, as he spawns rarely and almost anywhere. If you die or escape, he will despawn, taking his precious loot with him, so you only get one shot to take him down! This guide helps you survive the encounter and show the Butcher the true power of your character.

The Butcher will make you bleed


The Butcher can only be found randomly in Dungeons, or extremely rarely in Cellars. So far, we have encountered him about 1 in 50 dungeons, so expect him to appear rarely. We estimate the encounter rate in Cellars to be around 1 in 200. (This is so rare it's hard to actually get a good grasp of the encounter rate!) There is no level restriction on the Butcher, and he can spawn as soon as after you complete the tutorial. He can appear nearly anywhere where regular monsters can spawn, so be careful! He could be around any corner.


You can hear the Butcher by listening for a change in music. The game engine will change the music track to the boss music in a radius around the Butcher that is higher than his aggro range. It can even change the music through walls! This can be an early warning sign for players, especially in Hardcore, to prepare for a fight.


The Butcher can easily be fooled by the use of pillars, a shrine, or other small and thin objects. He has a large collision box, so he gets stuck on these objects pretty easily! Play ring-around-the-rosie with him in order to stay safe if you're able to lure him to one of these spots.

Health Bar

Example of the Butcher's health bar.

The Butcher has 2 breakpoints on his health bar. Once a breakpoint is reached, the red arrow flips up and turn grey. This indicates that you are in the next phase of the fight, while also dropping multiple healing vials. Each phase becomes increasingly more challenging.

On Nightmare and Torment difficulty, the Butcher will gain a barrier when he is at low health. Don't get fooled when he's at "low" health because this barrier will quickly increase his survivability!

Stagger Bar

Typically, bosses have a stagger bar beneath their Health Bar, and the Butcher is no exception. The stagger bar is just below the health bar and fills when Crowd Control (CC) is dealt. Once full, the Boss is rendered helpless for 12 seconds. Use this time to unleash as much hell as you possibly can.

Butcher Boss Mechanics

The Butcher will charge you if you run too far away

We have separated the attack mechanics into two different categories based on threat level;  Major and Minor.

Major Threats

These are attacks that can one shot you if you are not careful. Attacks are often telegraphed, giving you ample time to react.

  • Charge - When you run too far from the Butcher, he will charge forward and slam you with his belly. This Charge stuns you and is incredibly difficult to dodge. If you run away, make sure to use a zig-zag pattern to avoid this nasty attack!
  • Headbutt - Another insane stun, this time in melee range. The telegraph here is more pronounced, so a dodge can get around this attack, but it can be difficult and frantic to dodge. Watch for him to pull his head backwards before he stuns you!
  • Hook - The Butcher attempts to hook you from a distance, pull you close, and then stun you. The attack comes extremely swiftly, so it is difficult to dodge. Try to dodge sideways from the Butcher for the best chance to avoid this attack. If you do get hooked, dodge immediately after to avoid the followup attack.

Minor Threats

These are attacks that deal relatively small damage than their counterparts. A decently built character should be able to withstand these attacks.

  • Cleaver and Sickle - The Butcher will do a melee attack, swiping his cleaver at you. This isn't too dangerous, but the damage can add up fast.
  • Shout - The Butcher occasionally performs a red Barbarian-like shout with a large radius. He performs this when your character is running away. If you're hit by it, it will slow you significantly.

All attacks deal Physical damage. Make sure to bring armor!

Video Guide

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  • The Butcher can drop some good loot. Make sure you're prepared for a fight!
  • He spawns rarely, only in Dungeons and Cellars.
  • Avoid the Butcher's stuns for the best chance of survival.
  • In Hardcore, consider running from the Butcher as soon as you spot him. A sharp eye can allow you to spot him before the engagement begins.
  • Listening to the music change can help you detect the Butcher early, even through walls!


Written by Echohack
Reviewed by Teo1904

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