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Get Ready for Season 26

Last Updated: May 20th 2023

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Season 26 Start Date

Season 26 "The Fall of the Nephalem" is releasing this Friday, April 15th. We have updated all of our Guides, Tier Lists, META and Resources according to Patch 2.7.3 and the Echoing Nightmare Seasonal Theme. Let's go over everything you need to be ready for the trials to come!

Leveling Guides

Reaching Level 70 is the first milestone of a season start, and optimizing your leveling process can save you a lot of time. Acquiring your first full Set, jumping into Greater Rifts and gaining Paragon Levels is crucial to your success. Here are the critical Guides that will help you accomplish these tasks:

Best Builds in Season 26

Every Class in Diablo 3 Season 26 can crush high Greater Rifts, but some are stronger than others. Here's our top 10 builds for the upcoming Season:

Season 26 Theme: Echoing Nightmare

Season 26 brings us the Echoing Nightmare, the first Seasonal Theme that introduces a brand-new activity to the game!
Today’s Nephalem must stand their ground until they are inevitably overwhelmed or defeated. Players must collect a Petrified Scream from defeated Greater Rift Guardians to gain entry to the Echoing Nightmare. Transmuting a Petrified Scream in Kanai's Cube summons a portal that players can enter to face the horrors of the Nephalem's past.

Read our dedicated Seasonal Theme Guides to learn more:

Rewards include Legendary Items, Blood Shards, a bunch of Experience and a Whisper of Atonement to augment your gear.

Disclaimer: Since Echoing Nightmares were changed between last iteration of the PTR and live release, all these pages are subject to update after the season start as we get new information.

Updated Resources

Many additional changes are coming with Patch 2.7.3, especially to Greater Rifts:

Updated Tier Lists

Are you wondering where your favorite class and/or build ranks among them all? Check out our tier lists for the full rankings!

Good Luck from the Maxroll Team!

We are wishing you the very best on your adventures in Season! Enjoy your journey through Sanctuary, Happy Easter, and we will see you in game!

The Maxroll Team

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