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Season 29 Maxroll Updates and New Tier Lists

Last Updated: January 6th 2024

Season 29

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Diablo 3 Season 29 "Visions of Enmity" begins on September 15th at 5PM (PST/CET/KST). We have updated all of our Guides, Tier Lists, META and Resources according to Patch 2.7.6 and the Visions of Enmity Seasonal Theme. Let's go over everything you need to be ready for the trials to come!

Season 29 Theme: Visions of Enmity

Season 29 brings us the Visions of Enmity, a Seasonal Theme that introduces a brand new activity to the game like Season 26 with Echoing Nightmares! As you kill monsters in the open world, a Diabolical Fissure can spawn with a portal leading to a Visions of Enmity.

As you step inside and slay enemies further portals can keep spawning leading you through up to 10 levels of terror. The rewards inside these Visions are quite robust and farming them is expected to be a great way to obtain Bounty Materials, Greater Rifts Keys as well as all the other goodies you'd expect.

Learn more about how these Visions work in our Season 29 Theme Post.

vision of enmity portal
Vision of Enmity

Solo Self Found

Demon slayers seeking to up the intensity of their journey through Sanctuary can try out the new Solo Self Found mode. In this mode, you’ll have only yourself to rely on to overcome the hordes from Hell. That’s right, it’s a single player experience. If you’d like to up the ante even more, a Hardcore version of this mode is available.

Without the experience bonus from being in a Party, or other players to protect your back as you carve through demonic legions, this mode will temper you. To celebrate the accomplishments of those brave enough to roll a character in this mode, they have also created specific Leaderboards for Solo Self Found. These Leaderboards function like those for other modes.

Learn how to succeed in SSF with our dedicated Solo Self Found Meta Guide!

Paragon Ceiling of 800

Changes to Paragon Points were introduced in tandem with Solo Self Found and the Season 29 theme. You can only assign a total of 800 Paragon Points to your character. Previously, you were only able to assign a total of 50 Paragon Points to each attribute within the Core, Defense, Offense, and Utility categories, but now you can assign up to 200 in each attribute.

Leveling Guides

Reaching Level 70 is the first milestone of a season start, and optimizing your leveling process can save you a lot of time. Acquiring your first full Set, jumping into Greater Rifts and gaining Paragon Levels is crucial to your success. Here are the critical Guides to help you accomplish these tasks:

Updated & Reworked Build Guides

We have made updates to ALL of our build guides in preparation for Season 29 and have included new Paragon progression and tips for Visions of Enmity. The following Build guides have had more significant reworks and updates due to changes from Patch 2.7.6.

Best Builds in Season 29

Every Class in Diablo 3 Season 29 can crush high Greater Rifts, but some are stronger than others. Here's 10 of our top recommended builds for Season 29. For more information check out our Tier Lists.

Updated Tier Lists

Are you wondering where your favorite class and/or build ranks among them all? Check out our tier lists for the full rankings!

Good Luck from the Maxroll Team!

We wish you the very best on your adventures in Season! Enjoy your journey through Sanctuary and we will see you in game!

Written by: Facefoot

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