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New Diablo 3 Holiday Event

Last Updated: January 6th 2024

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With the recent announcements around Diablo 4's release & systems and our new D4 Maxroll Branch, everyone's eyes have been focused on the near future when the next installment of the series finally releases in June 2023. However, today we also have some exciting news to share for Diablo 3: Blizzard has announced a whole new holiday event that will go live at December 16, 11:00 a.m. and last till February 5, 11:00 a.m. PST! After almost 4 months of season 27 and no PTR in sight, we have this to look forward to and explore while they are preparing for the next season's PTR.

Read more on the official news post here.

The Event

From December 16, 11:00 a.m.–February 5, 11:00 a.m. PST, you’ll need to put the sword to Treasure Goblins and Greater Rift Guardians for a chance at recovering a Gift. Because of their hardiness, Greater Rift Guardians have an increased chance of dropping a Gift. Sanctuary’s denizens were especially generous in their offerings to one another this year, ranging from helpful resources to rarefied gear—here is what you can potentially receive from any recovered Gifts:

Each Gift will always contain the following items:

  • Five Khanduran Rune, Caldeum Nightshade, Arreat War Tapestry, Corrupted Angel Flesh, and Westmarch Holy Water
  • Arcane Dust
  • Death’s Breaths
  • Forgotten souls
  • Reusable Parts
  • Veiled Crystals
Holiday Gift In-Game

Each Gift could also contain one of the following items:

  • Wings
  • Pets
    • Blaze
    • Buddy
    • The Bumble
    • Charlotte
    • Friendly Gauntlet
    • Galthrak the Unhinged
    • Grunkk
    • Haunting Hannah
    • Humbart Wessel
    • Lady Morthanlu
    • Lamb
    • Liv Moore
    • Malfeasance
    • Ms. Madeleine
    • The Mimic
    • Overseer Lady Josephine
    • Queen of the Succubi
    • That Which Must Not Be Named
    • The Stomach
    • Unihorn
  • Misc
    • Sword of Mediocrity
    • Blood Shards
    • Coal (Glowing Ore)
  • Transmogs
    • Amberwing
    • The Clipper
    • Crossbow of Corvus
    • Flail of Carnage
    • Ghoul King's Blade
    • God Butcher
    • Hand of Despair
    • Helm of Cranial Crustacean
    • The Horadric Hamburger
    • King Maker
    • Lachdanan's Stormshield
    • Mace of the Crows
    • Man Prodder
    • Panther's Claw
    • The Que-Hegan's Will
    • Quinquennial Sword
    • Rakanishu's Blade
    • The Reaper's Kiss
    • Second Quinquennial Sword
    • Spectrum
    • Star Helm
    • Star Pauldrons
    • Steffon's Heavy Lance
    • Sungjae's Fury
    • Templar's Chain

Developer’s Note: If a player owns any of the Pets or Wings from above list, they will be unable to receive a duplicate of them from any recovered Gifts. Otherwise, enjoy your lumps of coal!

The Season 28 PTR

Season 27 is shaping up the be (one of) the longest season so far with almost 4 months and still no news regarding future updates. With the holidays starting now, we expect to hear about it soon after in early to mid January. With the hype around Diablo 4 and the long development time we expect this will be a massive update on Diablo 3's scale, and of course we'll be around to cover it all. Stay tuned!

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