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Get Ready for Season 28

Last Updated: January 6th 2024

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Season 28 Start Date

Season 28 “Altar of Rites” begins on February 24th at 5PM (PST/CET/KST). We have updated all of our Guides, Tier Lists, META and Resources according to Patch 2.7.5 and the Altar of Rites Seasonal Theme. Let's go over everything you need to be ready for the trials to come!

Leveling Guides

Reaching Level 70 is the first milestone of a season start, and optimizing your leveling process can save you a lot of time. Acquiring your first full Set, jumping into Greater Rifts and gaining Paragon Levels is crucial to your success. Here are the critical Guides to help you accomplish these tasks:

Best Builds in Season 28

Every Class in Diablo 3 Season 28 can crush high Greater Rifts, but some are stronger than others. Here's our top 10 recommended builds for the upcoming Season:

Season 28 Theme: Altar of Rites

Season 28 brings a brand new progression feature called the Altar of Rites that grants tremendous powers to your entire account in exchange for sacrifices. It requires you to farm Bounties, kill the Ubers, craft the Staff of Herding, and more. Completing all 26 of these tasks, along with sacrificing 6 Primal Ancients grants you unbelievable Damage, Defense, Quality of Life, Increased Drops, 3 Potion Super Powers, and the juicy Wings of Terror. Read the full guides on Unlocking the Altar and the Altar Mechanics by Raxxanterax and Chewingnom to learn everything about this fantastic Season!

Node 2: Choose Anointed to gain a full set of 70 yellows from level 18-70!

Node 6: Rush to gain double Bounties to help unlock other Nodes in the Altar.

Nodes 7-14: These are the last Nodes you can gain until the Challenge Rift resets. Take at least 1 Node at the bottom of each path to unlock all 3 Potion Super Powers. Pick up the Mirror Node at the top for a colossal 41% extra XP all season. Remember to unlock Father once you clear GR70 solo and have your first Primal!

Nodes 15-26: Pick up the final Quality of Life, Damage, and Defense Nodes (in that order) to finish the Altar.

Potion Super Powers: Take Father first, then Mother, and finally Mortal.

Disclaimer: The Mortal and Mother Potions require you to salvage 2 and 3 Primals respectively. Unlock them as soon as you have those materials as they don't cost a point!

Recommended Altar Path
Use the Scroll Bar to see Altar Progression

Updated Tier Lists

Are you wondering where your favorite class and/or build ranks among them all? Check out our tier lists for the full rankings!

Wudijo's HC SSF Community Event

For the start of Season 28 and the following 9 days, wudijo has set up a Hardcore, Solo Self-Found community event, officially sponsored by Blizzard with prizes! There's a range of challenges and everyone who wants to participate is welcome to try their best in this survival-of-the-fittest contest. If you're curious, here's a document with the full list of rules and challenges, wudi's Discord server where you can discuss and submit your runs and the full announcement video with all details below. If participating in this event is out of your comfort zone, definitely make sure to check out the (RIP) clips and highlights during the event ;).

Season 28 Community Event

The Future of Diablo 3 on Maxroll

Diablo 3 has been a critical part of Maxroll's identity. It was our inaugural branch, brought on our first team of content creators, and has had the most content and updates of any game we've covered. With Diablo 4 on the horizon, many wonder what we'll do with this section - but deep down we knew the answer all along. Maxroll will continue supporting and updating the Diablo 3 branch as long as Blizzard keeps it alive. We're expecting multiple new Seasons after Diablo 4's release, and we will provide the same level of coverage on them. We didn't start Maxroll to be a "decent" or "above average" resource, we strive to be the best every day.

Good Luck from the Maxroll Team!

We wish you the very best on your adventures in Season! Enjoy your journey through Sanctuary and we will see you in game!

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