Patch 2.4 Maxroll Update


The Maxroll Team has been updating everything impacted by the Patch 2.4 changes behind-the-scenes. These posts are now live and ready for you to explore! Enjoy our new Build Guides, updated Guides, Tier Lists, Resource posts and the updated D2Planner. Have fun playing around with it and theory craft your first build in Ladder Season 1!

New Build Guides

Patch 2.4 introduced massive balance changes to every Class in Diablo 2 Resurrected, which opened the door for many new builds. Here they are:

Updated Build Guides

Most builds were not majorly impacted by Patch 2.4, but here are the ones that changed the most:

The changes to other builds revolve around buffs to the skills themselves, the increased monster levels of some Farming Spots and additional Gear Options due to the new Runewords.

New Farming Spots

Patch 2.4 increased the monster Level of some areas to the maximum of 85. This allowed us to add more of them to our META section. However, not all the new mlvl 85 areas made the cut.

Don't bother with the red Portals in Act 5. Their density is too low to qualify as an efficient farming area.

Leveling Guide Updates

The Leveling guides for every Class have received a substantial stylistic overhaul. This change should streamline your progression much more than the previous iterations. We will add alternative leveling builds in the future, but for now we provide the most effective approach.

Tier Lists

New Tier List

We added the Ladder Start Tier List providing you with an overview of the best builds for Ladder Season 1 in Diablo 2 Resurrected. S to A-Tier builds can be played with absolutely no starting gear. This is critical for new Ladder players!

Updates To Tier Lists

All prior to Patch 2.4 existing Tier-Lists, except for the Speedrun Tier-List, have been updated. It takes a while for the META in speedruns to evolve after the changes. We'll update it at a later point.


Our Resource posts and Tools have been updated to Patch 2.4, wherever required. Our D2Planner includes all changes to Patch 2.4!

Traderie Integration in the fistoftheheavens Paladin Guide

Traderie Integration

We extended our partnership with Traderie! Traderie is a peer to peer marketplace for Diablo 2 Resurrected players where you can easily trade your in game items for your character's needs. Find some GG Unique? Liquidate it into Runes for easy trading later. Runewords, Uniques and Set items now link directly to the marketplace showing current trade offers. Just click the Traderie icon on the item to open a new tab on your browser.

Maxroll D2R Team

We are happy to provide you with our updated content for Patch 2.4.! Enjoy diving into this huge update with everything you need to be prepared in Ladder Season 1!

The D2R Maxroll Team