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Vaal Temple

Last Updated: December 20th 2023

Affliction 3.23

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Warning: This is an advanced strategy that requires a powerful character and an abundance of free Premium Stash Tabs to farm efficiently!

The Vaal Temple Strategy is an extremely high variance endgame farm. It has the potential to drop truly unique double corrupted items from the Vaal Vessel strongboxes implicit to the map, as well as tons of consistent Harvest, Divination Card and Essence Loot.

Due to the variety and volume of corrupted Jewels and Unique items dropping, it is difficult at a glance to know how much something is worth. This means to make the absolute most out of this farm it is recommended that you have an excess of Premium Stash Tabs available to use as "Dump Tabs".

The one of a kind items you drop won't sell immediately, this strategy rewards patience and results in a steady supply of Divine Orbs.


  • This strategy uses Wandering Path and Twist of Fate. Twist of Fate randomizes the affixes on your map whilst Wandering Path increases the values of all modifiers, including the number of Vaal Vessels.
  • These 2 Keystones make the maps extremely difficult, so a strong build with solid defenses and ailment immunity is strongly advised. The Ice Nova's from strongboxes are extremely deadly, being able to tank 1 of them makes this strategy much more enjoyable.
Voidstones: 4
Favourites: 12
Atlas Points: 132


PRO TIP: When setting up to run this strategy it is recommended that you purchase enough materials to complete a sizable set of maps, failing to do this makes selling your drops far more difficult and you'll constantly be trading to purchase additional materials.

Map Choice

  • Tier 16 Vaal Temple Map - This Map choice is the most important aspect of the strategy as it guarantees 10 Vaal Vessels, increased to 16 due to Atlas Passive selections.

Map Device

  • Eldritch Influence: Eater of Worlds
  • Kirac Modifier: N/A


Apply the Mandatory compasses to your voidstones, consider using some of the high budget compass if you can afford them and your build is capable of them.

MandatoryHigh Budget
Cannot Deal Reflected Damage*Cannot Deal Reflected Damage*
Duplicated Lifeforce

*This compass is unnecessary if your build is not weak to reflected damage, i.e Full Chaos Damage builds.


Select a fragment set-up based on your desired investment level.

Low BudgetHigh Budget
Rusted Shaper ScarabPolished Shaper Scarab
Rusted Shaper ScarabPolished Shaper Scarab
Rusted Shaper ScarabPolished Shaper Scarab
Rusted Shaper ScarabPolished Shaper Scarab

Atlas Passive Tree

Legion Atlas Passive Tree

Harvest is a great mechanic to pair with Wandering Path as it does not rely too heavily on it's Notable Passives. It is a very consistent source of Life Force, which contrasts well with the high variance of the Unique items and Jewels that drop from the Vaal Vessels.

Eldritch Altars provide a constant flow of currency items.

Twist of Fate randomizes the affixes, Scarabs and map crafting option. Growing Hordes activates first, allowing you to receive a guaranteed benefit from Scarabs in the form of pack size. It also transforms the Vaal Temple into another map, this is great since it has a very bad layout.

Wandering Path prevents you from utilizing Notable Atlas Passives, but provides a 100% bonus to all small Passives. This increases the number of Vaal Vessels in the map by 6 but also increases the value of dangerous map modifiers by 60%.


How to Run Vaal Temple

Step 1 - Clear the Vaal Temple normally, focus on selecting Quantity and Rarity Altars as long as the downside won't cause you to fail the map.

Step 2 - Open all the Vaal Vessel's whilst clearing the Map.
Step 3 - Complete the Harvest encounter after taking all the Quantity and Rarity Altars to maximize the Life-force rewards.
Step 4 - Kill the Map Boss; leave the map.

Loot Breakdown

Here are the drops you should sell with this strategy, if you are struggling to sell league specific loot refer to the loot portion of our Legion and Delirium guides for information about selling.

Vaal Vessels


Eater of Worlds



Written by Milkybk
Reviewed by Facefoot

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