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New Articles for Vykas Patch

Last Updated: June 17th 2022

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Welcome back, heroes of Arkesia! In less than a week, the Vykas patch should go live! Along with updating our current guides, we are also releasing a couple of new guides for the upcoming patch. Take a closer look at the articles mentioned below.


Some of the articles mentioned below, will be updated with tool tips as soon as we have the data after the patch is live on EU/NA servers. Until then, the tool tips are replaced with placeholder names.

Vykas, Kungelanium & Thronespire

You have beaten Valtan but there is no time to rest! The next Legion Commander will arrive soon! There is no release date for Vykas yet, but it is never a bad idea to prepare early. Hopefully these article will help you defeat the queen of lust and all the creatures willing to die for her.

On top of writing new content, we are also continuously improving our existing articles and all of you have been a great help. Join our Discord and use the #la-bug-reports if you notice any bugs, issues, or guide errors, and we will continue to work hard to make all of our content the best it can be.

On behalf of our whole Lost Ark team - Thank you!

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