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Gauntlet Builds Tier List

Last Updated: March 16th 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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This Gauntlet Tier List compares the current meta builds in their ability to speed clear the Gauntlet. Note that in order to do well on the leaderboards, more than just a great build is required as the strategy and route in clearing the dungeon are equally important. Learn more in our dedicated Gauntlet Guide.

Builds are ranked against one another within the same class, but classes are not ranked against each other as they each have a separate leaderboard.

S Tier

Blizzard Sorc
Arc Lash Sorc
Ball Lightning Sorc
HotA Barb
Lightning Storm Druid
Shred Druid
Boulder Druid
Blood Surge Necro
Barrage Rogue

A Tier

Chain Lightning Sorc
Double Swing Barb
Upheaval Barb
Rend Barb
Bone Spear Necro
Sever Necro
Pulverize Druid
Werewolf Tornado Druid

B Tier

Fireball Sorc
Walking Arsenal Barbarian
Twisting Blades Rogue
Stormclaw Druid
Penetrating Shot Rogue
Trampleslide Druid
Flurry Rapid Fire Rogue
Infinimist Necro
Flurry Rogue
Blight CE Necro

C Tier

Firewall Sorc
Death Trap Rogue
Whirlwind Barb
Rapid Fire Rogue
Thorns Barb
Leapquake Barb
Bone Spirit Necro
Shadow Summoner Necro

D Tier

Frozen Orb Sorc
Ice Shards Sorc
Pure Summoner Necro
Blood Lance Necro
Rain of Arrows Rogue

F Tier

Meteor Sorc
Companion Druid

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