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Thresh Socket Farming Guide

Last Updated: March 3rd 2024

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Are you getting anxiety thinking about farming Pindleskin for one more run, or have lost hope that he'll ever drop something great? Then Thresh Socket provides you with a lucrative alternative which can be reached even faster!

Thresh Socket is a Super Unique with access to the Treasure Class (TC) 87, Monster Level of 84, and is always Immune to Cold. This allows him to drop a wide range of Unique and Set Items, but it also limits his drop table at the top-end of the rarity scale.

Because of his spawning location at the end of the Arreat Plateau and the loading screens in Diablo 2 Resurrected, he is a Single Player exclusive monster to farm. You can reroll your map until you have him spawn next to the Waypoint, giving you easy access to him. You face the rate limit (Queue) on every run if you only kill Thresh Socket in Multiplayer.

Why farm Thresh Socket?

Farming Thresh Socket is a great place to finish off your Holy Grail. As a Super Unique monster, he always drops 2 Items. His spawn location makes him extremely easy to find and in Single Player you can even reroll your map until he appears next to the Waypoint.

Thresh Socket uses the same Treasure Class (87) as Pindleskin. However, due to his Monster Level (84), he is limited in his drops. Check out the drop calculator for more information.

Character SpecificEschuta's Temper
Caster Buildstalrasha'sguardianship
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Harlequin Crest
Attack BuildsAndariel's Visage
Dracul's Grasp
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
The Reaper's Toll

How do I find Thresh Socket?

Thresh Socket is exceptionally easy to find. He is always located in Act 5's Arreat Plateau, right in front of the entrance to the Crystalline Passage. The Arreat Plateau is a tilted rectangular area that can appear in 2 orientations. The entrance to the Crystalline Passage is always in the center of the short edge towards the North-West or North-East. There are a bunch of ways to figure out where you need to go from the Waypoint.

Hit the Edge

To find him quickly, take the Waypoint of the Arreat Plateau and move straight North until you hit the edge of the map. This edge forces you either towards the North-West or North-East. Follow that direction in the middle of Arreat Plateau to run into Thresh Socket right away.


Monsters have formed barricades in every plateau area in Act 5. They connect the 2 long edges of the map and show you the way.

Red Portal

The Arreat Plateau has a red Portal that leads to the Pit of Acheron. The bridge leading to it points you in the direction you need to travel, and the red Portal tells the edge of the Crystalline Passage entrance.

Tips & Tricks

Single Player

Reroll your map until you find Thresh Socket next to the Waypoint. Reducing your travel time is key to farming him efficiently!

Player Count / Magic Find

Thresh Socket is a Super Unique that always drops 2 items. Increasing the player count through /players or in Multiplayer gives no benefit. This means that he is very easy to kill, and you should maximize your Magic Find!


Add a source of Telekinesis Charges (Circlet or Ring) to reduce your town time as much as possible. TOWN IS LAVA!

Build Recommendations

Every Character has multiple builds which can farm Thresh Socket. Below are the best build and their strengths. If all else fails, your Mercenary can kill him easily in solo games!

  • Amazon - Lightning Fury
    • The Javazon straight up blows Thresh Socket up with Charged Strike unless he is Immune to Lightning.
  • Assassin - Lightning Sentry
    • The Trapsin can easily snipe Tresh Socket from a safe distance with Lightning Sentry.
    • Her high mobility from Burst of Speed makes Enigma not necessary.
  • Barbarian - Berserk
    • The Zerker is simply the Barbarian's best build for Magic Finding. Because of Find Item any Barb build has increased efficiency compared to other Characters.
  • Druid - Tornado Hurricane
    • With his trusty Summon Grizzly, the Wind Druid has nothing to fear from Thresh Socket. Position yourself well to hit all of your Tornados, and he melts in a matter of seconds.
  • Necromancer - Bone Spear
    • One Bone Prison eliminates any danger coming from Thresh Socket. Snipe him from a distance with Bone Spear.
  • Paladin - Blessed Hammer
    • As per usual, the Hammerdin is simply the go-to build for the Paladin. Nuff said here...
  • Sorceress - Meteor
    • Get your Mercenary to tank a couple of hits from Thresh Socket and watch him burn from the power of Meteor. Add Fire Ball to the mix, and he dies in no time!


  • Thresh Socket is a great alternative to Pindleskin - but only in Single Player! Find a layout in which he spawns right next to the Waypoint and use a source of Telekinesis to min-max your efficiency.
  • Increase your Magic Find as much as possible. With a decently equipped Mercenary, you don't even need much damage on your own!


Written by Teo1904
Reviewed by Raxxanterax

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