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Path of Exile is one of the greatest ARPGs of all-time. It has incredible character depth, an immersive campaign, a robust crafting system, difficult bosses and a challenging endgame. Oh, and did we mention the game is Free-to-Play? Covering this title has been a goal for Maxroll since we formed, and after 14 months of hard work, we're elated to finally unveil our Path of Exile branch.

New Teaching System

Maxroll's mission is to bring new players to Wraeclast. This isn't easy since Path of Exile is one of the most complex games ever made. We hope to break down every barrier-to-entry to put you into the endgame on a build you love. We can't simply *throw all guides at you* knowing you'll find your way like we've done on other titles. That's why we have a new teaching system that takes you step-by-step from Never Played to Conquering the Endgame.

  1. Getting Started - You'll start with our First Steps Guide and Full Campaign Walkthrough before learning critical concepts like:
  2. Atlas Progression - The Atlas (Path of Exile's endgame Map System) is such an important part of your journey that we have 11 guides for it alone. Take the time to learn how it works!
  3. Build Guides - This section will be constantly updated with new builds and is divided into 5 parts:
    • League Starters - These are the bread and butter of our branch. They include a customized full game walkthrough for your build and everything you'd want to know in-between. We've also included our new Milestones section that shows you how to power up your character one item at a time.
    • Endgame Builds - This is where the ultimate setups lie that annihilate the most difficult content. While these haven't been our primary focus for launch, we will expand this section significantly over the next few months.
    • New Builds - Path of Exile flourishes through community theory crafting, but not every build on paper turns out well. Here we host our upcoming ideas, which are converted into full build guides once they're proven in battle.
    • Twink Leveling - If you're looking to power up a second character quickly, these are the guides for you.
    • Archive - No build lasts forever, and when the mighty fall, they rest in the Archive. These build guides are outdated and don't work like they used to.
  4. Currency - Learn to acquire the most valuable Rare Items, Uniques and Currencies here. You'll also discover the best Farming, Buying and Selling strategies to build wealth!
  5. League & Master Mechanics - Do you ever come across something and wonder "What in the world was that?!" Look no further than our League & Master Mechanics sections to teach you what's going on. They're critical to understand for farming Currency!
  6. Bosses - The endgame Bosses of Path of Exile are extremely challenging... until now! Learn their attacks, movements, phases and weaknesses to conquer them all.
  7. Resources - Anything not covered in the sections above lands in this section. Last does not mean last though, there are some amazing guides here!
  8. Crafting - Crafting is a critical part of Path of Exile, and we are building an entire section for Patch 3.20 written by SpicySushi!

A Dirty Topic: Real Money Trading (RMT)

Maxroll has to run ads to operate, but unfortunately we don't have full control over which ones appear. RMT sites use ad providers to target websites with PoE terminology (us) to spray their ads everywhere. Since we 100% do not support RMT, we have a remedy that requires your help. Every time you see one of these ads, please report it and select "This ad is offensive to me." This permanently erases it from Maxroll, and with enough reports, they will all be gone. Thank you for helping us keep our site (and the game) clean!

Read this statement from CodyBye, CEO & Co-founder of our advertisement provider NitroPay, for further details:

Further Details

The internet was born on the concept of free information being provided openly to everyone. Like many gaming sites before it, was created with this in mind, but every site on the internet is also required to pay things like bandwidth, staffing costs, and other business expenses. The economics of running one of the world’s largest gaming sites is complicated, and it takes money. That’s where advertising comes in. Our team at is there to support every step of the way, and it’s why I’m talking to you today.

At NitroPay, we were founded by four gamers that had previously worked on sites like,,,, and (for you old blokes). We were tired of seeing gaming sites running a massive amount of terrible advertising that slowed sites and only made pennies. So we created NitroPay, a monetization platform that provides publishers (like Maxroll) a way to make money while being as minimally intrusive to the user as possible. Yes, ads can and do suck at times, but we work hard to make them as tolerable as we can.

That being said, programmatic advertising (which is what we and every ad network on the planet operates) is an automated process that can - despite the best efforts of the publisher and the monetization platform they use - sometimes lead to advertisements being created, sold, and displayed on a site that the publisher never intended to show. In the case of Maxroll’s new Path of Exile site, this primarily pertains to advertisements that direct users to RMT ecommerce sites that are hoping to make money through buying and selling of in-game items, currency, or powerleveling options.

So how does this happen?

In short, programmatic advertising systems are “reasonably good” at showing you what they believe are relevant advertisements. To be clear, NitroPay is not creating these systems, but it is necessary to tap into them to deliver advertisements to the public. Many of these ad systems will crawl the contextual data of the site or sync with a user’s cookies - reading and digesting the presented information - and then insert that information into an internal database. When a request for an advertisement is then sent to the advertising system - folks like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Sharethrough, and others - the database then decides what advertisements match the data presented and will “bid in real time” on that advertising space.

Advertisements created for in-game items, currency, or powerleveling is where that system begins to break down. Advertising systems have flags in place that know when an advertiser has paid money to show ads on sites that focus a keyword or concept - like “Path of Exile game” - so it will default to showing ads that are created specifically with those keywords in mind. Some of these ads may be “normal” - like an advertisement for a competing game - but others will be targeted specifically at users that play the game in question. These are the ads that the team at NitroPay is here to stop from appearing.

What we do here at NitroPay is to attempt to preemptively block as many of those ads as we possibly can. We do this in a number of ways, both by working with our advertising partners (those big names listed above), and also through an internal proprietary system that blocks these ads from running, even if our ad partners are slow with blocking the bad actors. For example, we already have blocks in place for sites like:


And many, many, MANY others that we have encountered and know are bad actors in the gaming space.

However, there will always be new sites that cater to this sort of behavior, and new URLs for existing companies that are trying to outsmart the advertising ecosystem to get their ads to run. That’s why… eventually… it’s highly likely that there will be some RMT advertisements on

When those do happen, don’t panic. On and NitroPay’s other sites, we have a little “Report Ad” button that you can click. Click that button as soon as you can, but even if you miss the advertisement - don’t worry - we keep an anonymized history of ads a user has seen. Select the ad option that makes the most sense and then make sure you confirm the report and get it sent.

Once the ad is reported, reach out to the team at and let them know - they’ll then follow-up with our team here at NitroPay and we’ll get those ads blocked ASAP using the methods I listed above.

If anyone has any questions about advertising and the way it works, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I believe strongly enough in this that I’m happy to be available at Discord at CodyBye#2791, Instagram at codymicajah, or Twitter at @CodyBye. I’ll do my best to respond to any message I’m sent.

Thanks for reading.

CodyBye, CEO & Co-founder at

Meet Our Team

Covering Path of Exile properly requires a team with years of in-game experience. Please take a moment to learn more about the authors of our newest branch!

Chewingnom - Team Lead

Chewingnom has been playing World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Path of Exile competitively for the longest time. As a theory crafting and outside-the-box thinking enthusiast, he is always looking deeply into game mechanics and gameplay optimization. Most known by the community for his zBarb gameplay shared on his YouTube channel, he is also the mastermind who introduced the idea of pixelpulling to Diablo III, a crucial aspect of the metagame nowadays. Sharing his insight and experience with the community has always been his pleasure. If you're looking for him on Path of Exile, he's probably fooling around with various Traps & Mines Builds!

Crouching Tuna - Build Guides

Crouching_Tuna grew up around computers and games which started his long life addiction to RPGs. Tuna’s specialty lies in creating builds and strategies to improve and excel at the games he plays while blasting through endgame content. Tuna has over 15k hours in Path of Exile and multiple rank 1 Delve pushes, and was the first person to ever reach 6k delve depth in a SSFSC league. He is responsible for having created a range of meta defining builds such as Spectral Shield Throw, Nightblade Lightning Strike Raider, Explosive Arrow Ballista and many more. Tuna’s goal is to continue exploring game mechanics in order to find the best future builds and strategies to share with the Twitch, Youtube and Maxroll Communities.

Enki91 - Beginner Guides

I started playing Path of Exile in 2013 and have since spent a ridiculous amount of time with this game. While I'm a spellcaster main, I like to experiment with all kinds of playstyles to expand my knowledge and potentially release new builds. I'm mostly known in the community for my beginner-focused build guides. If I'm not playing Path of Exile, I'm probably doing some Dark Souls challenge runs.

Fyregrass - Currency, Revisions, Twink Leveling

Spreadsheet Warlord, Keyboard Warrior and an Enjoyer of Dank Memes. My #1 passion in life is farming currency both in and out of game, so if you're looking to get rich in Path of Exile, I'm your guy!

Grimro - Build Guides, Currency

Pushing games to the limit is my goal with ARPG's being my favorite. Whether it's in game testing, spreadsheets or community collaboration taking things to the next level is always my focus. By sharing the results of my gaming science on Youtube, Twitch and Maxroll I'm always trying to elevate the community one level higher so we can all game harder.

mbXtreme - Boss Guides, New Builds

I'm an enthusiastic Path of Exile Player that likes to publish his Journey on YouTube, Twitch & Maxroll! My focus in PoE is to have fun, especially when it comes to crafting, build creating and in-depth game/build mechanics. Behind every successful build is someone that once had an idea 🙂

Palsteron - Beginner Guides, Build Guides

ARPGs are my passion, and I love to share that with others via educational content and a community-driven approach! Whether here on Maxroll, YouTube or Twitch, my mission is to teach people how to be good at games without abandoning the core thought of "having fun".

SpicySushi - Crafting

I fell in love with Path of Exile in 2019 when I began my journey in 3.9 Metamorph League. While ARPGs are my passion, the intricacies of PoE's advanced crafting systems are unlike any in the genre which is what got me hooked. My obsession eventually inspired me to create my YouTube and Twitch channels where I enjoy teaching players how to navigate through that aspect of the game. I know crafting can be difficult but my goal is to make it enjoyable and digestible for the average player and veteran alike.

Terence - Mechanics

Dom (aka. Terence_) has been playing video games since his older brother showed him Diablo I on his PC. Especially Path of Exile with the in-depth game mechanics and its never-ending content, made him start his Twitch Channel, to share his knowledge and passion for this game. He is known as an HCSSF Gamer, who loves to take part in the seasonal league starts and hardcore events. Dom is also immensely talented in providing RIP and "how to migrate" clips, but jokes aside building new meta builds and strategies for the best Path of Exile gaming experience is what he loves to do.

TriPolarBear - Beginner Guides, Build Guides

I love PoE and I'm here to make you fall in love too. It's is a hard game, but the Maxroll team and I can make it easy enough to be your new addiction. Build guides, helpful advice and a good time are all available on my Twitch and YouTube channels.

TyTyKiller - Leveling Guides

I started speedrunning Path of Exile back in 2018 with Kammell's first SSFHC Level 90 race. Today I am well-known for being a top-level speedrunner, while providing a concise teaching style on stream.

wudijo - Build Guides

Wudijo has been reaching for new personal achievements and pushing the limits of what's possible in his favorite games at countless opportunities. These days he focuses mainly on ARPGs, especially Diablo and PoE. He loves being at the cutting edge of the competition while experimenting in his own style and sharing the best strategies with others on Twitch, YouTube or here on Maxroll! If there's a build using a Bow or requiring a perfectly executed combo of 20 different buttons to work, you can bet he has played it already.

Joining the Community

Maxroll hopes to become a small part of an already flourishing PoE community. The game has been out for years and there are many fantastic Streamers, YouTubers and other websites that provide invaluable information. Our guides and resources commonly refer to existing legendary sites like:

Please check them and the other content creators out that help make Path of Exile great! This is especially true if you're a Hardcore player, as Maxroll primarily focuses on Softcore Trade Leagues.

Give Us Feedback

There is always room to improve, and the best people to help us do that is YOU. Please head over to our Discord, Twitch Streams and YouTube Channels to provide your feedback. We're always listening and can't wait to hear from you. A final shoutout to our PoE Beta Testers. Your feedback made a big difference - thank you!

The Maxroll
Path of Exile Team