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Wudijo Path of Exile 2 Interview with Jonathan Rogers

Last Updated: February 14th 2024

Path of Exile 2

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A special discussion stream occurred over the weekend with wudijo Path of Exile 2 Interview with Jonathan Rogers (Game Director of Path of Exile 2). Many topics were talked about in this great conversation. See below for some key takeaways and the full video of the interview.

Key Takeaways

  • Path of Exile 2 Leagues contain both campaign and endgame elements just like Path of Exile 1.
    • The Beta begins with limited endgame but GGG plans to expand this via patches during the Beta. They estimate the beta will last a significant amount of time.
    • The Path of Exile 2 beta is going to be playable as if the game is fully released, but due to balance changes there may be resets associated to certain patches.
  • Jonathan confirmed Scion is not coming to Path of Exile 2.
    • Supporting the Scion is awkward as it changes how the tree paths, especially through the center.
    • Path of Exile already supports the ability to do anything as anyone provided you're willing to sacrifice a few passive points.
  • In Path of Exile 2 players can spend gold to instantly buy an item via the trade site.
    • Jonathan is not against some form of in-game interface, but Path of Exile 2 won't have an "auction house" in the traditional sense at the start.
    • For currency trades Jonathan wants players to be doing it in-game.
  • Crafting is very different in Path of Exile 2 as opposed to Path of Exile 1.
    • Players will be encouraged to craft more frequently, including casually picking up items and using a Chaos Orb.
    • The plan is to limit the number of crafting systems can interact at the start of Path of Exile 2.
    • There's a big focus on midgame crafting as opposed to high end projects and perfect items.
  • Builds in Path of Exile 2 require more gameplay complexity with things like combos, but the character building aspect will be simpler than Path of Exile 1.
    • One-button builds are still a thing, but won't be as efficient as multi-button builds.
    • Additional skills are about having a response for specific situations.
    • Once you reach level 100 your build will feel powerful and destroy a lot of the game's content. However, they plan to pay close attention to the amount of time it takes to reach that level of power.
    • They are keenly aware that balance changes and reductions in player power can be un-fun.
  • The plan is to launch Path of Exile 2 straight out of the beta once they are happy with it.
  • Since the last Interview, GGG has modified the respec system for PoE2 to use Gold.
    • This will be cheaper at low levels and more expensive at high levels.
    • However, GGG is rapidly iterating and this may change.
    • You can use gold for instant buyouts making it highly valuable.
    • Orbs of Regret could still be a thing in PoE2.

PoE 2 Interview


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:25 Endgame & Beta
00:17:22 League & Expansions
00:26:32 Trade, Economy, SSF
00:37:18 QoL
00:54:48 WASD
00:57:19 Crafting
01:07:25 Influences, Group/Solo, Synergies
01:24:43 Builds & Balance
01:42:46 Chat Q&A (& Respec)

Path of Exile 2 Approaching

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Written by: Dredscythe

Contributions by: wudijo, Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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