Bestiary Boss Rush



Warning: This guide assumes you know how to farm Bestiary, Essence, and Eldritch Altars.

The Bestiary Boss Rush currency strategy combines multiple low impact mechanics to quickly clear as many maps; and Blight encounters as possible.

  • Bestiary Content awards Beasts which can be stored in Bestiary Orbs and sold to other players. With the new crucible trees being able to be split, Fenumal Plagued Arachnid is sure to be valuable and Craicic Chimerals saw a huge spike in price last league due to the crafting meta which is sticking around this league making this a very profitable strategy.
  • Boss Rushing Content relies on rapidly clearing map bosses to receive Influenced maps, Synthesis maps and Maven Invitations. It also means you can see the league mechanic more frequently as you'll be spending little to no time between them.


  • Bestiary - Itself does not have intense gear requirements, however when combined with Essence it can produce some incredibly dangerous and tanky mobs. If your build does not have adequate damage to deal with those mobs use the variant atlas passive tree.
  • Bossrushing - given the nature of Boss Rushing you should have a build that is capable of quickly traversing maps in order to clear them quickly.
Voidstones: 4
Favourites: 10
Atlas Points: 119


PRO TIP: When setting up to run this strategy it is recommended that you purchase enough materials to complete a sizeable set of maps, failing to do this will make selling your drops far more difficult and you'll constantly be trading to purchase additional materials.

Map Choice

The best map for Bestiary Boss Rushing is Coves Map as you can use an Orb of Horizons to transform any Tier 16 map into it. This map is very small meaning it's easy to find all the beasts and quickly kill the boss.

Map suggestions will be updated when the atlas is revealed

Map Device

  • Eldritch Influence: Searing Exarch
  • Essence - 3 Chaos Orbs; Map contains 3 additional Essence Monsters.


Apply the Mandatory compasses to your voidstones, consider using some of the high budget compass if you can afford them and your build is capable of them.

MandatoryHigh Budget
Create a copy a beasts found in your MapsCreate a copy of beasts found in your Maps


Select a fragment set-up based on your desired investment level.

Low BudgetHigh Budget
Polished Bestiary ScarabPolished Bestiary Scarab
Polished Cartography ScarabPolished Cartography Scarab

Atlas Passive Tree

Legion Atlas Passive Tree

Bestiary passives apply a chance for beasts found within the map to be duplicated. Combined with the compass this can result some very lucky results. They also increase the chance that you find rarer beasts via Natural Selection and The Hunt for Craiceann to hunt for Craicic Chimerals.

Eldritch Altars provide a constant flow of currency items.

Essence passives increase the tier of the Essences you find. It also causes Essence monsters containing a Shrieking Essence to be duplicated.

Map Duplication - The remainder of the nodes should be allocated to map duplication chance in order to over sustain your maps, meaning you can sell the excess.


Rolling Maps

1. Clean Your Maps - Ensure all of your maps are identified and then use an Orb of Scouring to make them all normal rarity, since achieving 20% quality on white maps requires significantly less Cartographer's Chisels.

2. Chiseling - Use Cartographer's Chisels on all of your maps until each one is 20% quality.

3. Alchemy Orbs - Use Orbs of Alchemy on every map you have at 20% quality. Re-roll maps your character cannot run using Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy.

4. Vaal Orbs - Use Vaal Orbs on all of your appropriately rolled maps. Some maps may transform or receive new modifiers, so weed out any maps with modifiers your build cannot run or that are no longer on a favourable layout for Legion. On average using Vaal Orbs on high tiers maps is always worth it.

Running Maps

Pre-Map - Take in a stack of Remnant of Corruption.
Step 1 - Thoroughly clear the map capturing all Red Beasts you encounter.
Step 2 - Kill any Essences you encounter remember to use a Remnant of Corruption on monsters containing the following Essences.

  • Screaming Essence of Envy
  • Screaming Essence of Dread
  • Screaming Essence of Scorn
  • Screaming Essence of Misery

Step 3 - Kill the Map Boss; reset.

Loot Breakdown

Here are the drops you should sell with this strategy, if you are struggling to sell league specific loot refer to the loot portion of our Legion and Delirium guides for information about selling.


Store your valuable Red Beasts with Bestiary Orbs to sell. Beasts to look out for include but are not limited to;

  • Craicic Chimeral
  • Farric Wolf Alpha
  • Farric Lynx Alpha
  • Farric Tiger Alpha
  • Fenumal Plagued Arachnid

Your remaining Yellow Beasts can also be stored and sold in Bulk using TFT. Crafters are always looking to by entire inventories of them.

PROTIP: Due to a change in 3.21 Crucible League it is now much easier to release beasts from your menagerie. Simply go to your Menagerie open your Bestiary ("H" hotkey by default) and click to release any unwanted Red beasts.

Eldritch Altar

Sell the following eldritch crafting currencies. Selling these is easiest by listing them on the trade site in large quantities using bulk selling methods.

  • Lesser Eldritch Ember
  • Greater Eldritch Ember
  • Grand Eldritch Ember

Sell rarer eldritch crafting orbs at the end of farming sessions even in individual stack sizes on the trade site.

  • Eldritch Chaos Orb
  • Eldritch Exalted Orb
  • Eldritch Orb of Annulment

Sell eldritch invitations at the end of farming sessions using the trade site, use tabs listed with a bulk price if you have multiple.

  • Incandescent Invitation
  • Polaric Invitation

Boss Rushing

Boss Rushing and it's related passives result in you dropping a large amount of;

  • Conqueror Maps
  • Elder Maps
  • Shaper Maps
  • Synthesis Maps (Rare)
  • Maven's Invitation: The Hidden
  • Maven's Invitation: The Elderslayers
  • Maven's Invitation: The Twisted
  • Maven's Invitation: The Formed
  • Maven's Invitation: The Forgotten
  • Maven's Invitation: The Feared

Players running these invitations and the corresponding maps are always looking to purchase them in bulk amounts, the longer you can accumulate these without having to sell them with greatly impact the amount you are able to sell them for.


Use Remnant of Corruption on the following Essences whilst in your map;

  • Screaming Essence of Envy
  • Screaming Essence of Dread
  • Screaming Essence of Scorn
  • Screaming Essence of Misery

When doing this they have an opportunity to be upgraded to Corrupted essences which will increase your profits. Upgrade all Essences to Shrieking and sell them using Bulk Selling methods.


Corrupted Essences

Take Remnant of Corruption into all the maps with you and use them on Essences that contain the following;

  • Essence of Dread
  • Essence of Envy
  • Essence of Scorn
  • Essence of Misery


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Apr 5th 2023
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