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Boss Rush

Last Updated: January 13th 2024

Affliction 3.23

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Warning: This guide assumes you know how to farm Essences, Invitations and Labyrinth Trials.

The Boss Rush currency strategy combines multiple low impact mechanics, Invitation Farming and the Destructive Play Atlas Keystone. This strategy primarily requires a build with strong single target damage to dispatch map Guardian bosses and a well rolled Maven's Invitation: The Formed.

  • Invitation Farming utilizes the Maven Influence to generate Maven's Writ by completing Maven's Invitation: The Formed. Using the Map Boss Drops an additional Shaper Guardian Map Charged Compass guarantees you can sustain your Guardian maps and don't have to frequently buy them. You can use Orbs of Horizon to transform any duplicates into whichever Guardian map you are missing to complete a rotation.

Important: The Charged Compass also increases the Boss Damage by 100% and it's HP by 200%. If your build is incapable of dealing with these significant downsides, purchase Guardian sets from the Trade website or the TFT Discord.

  • Essences are a very fast mechanic that add very little time to the map but greatly increases your profits, whilst this may not be apparent over the course of 10 maps, if you commit to doing a lot of the strategy by the end of it you have a ton of Essences which can be easily sold in bulk for Divine Orbs using Bulk Selling Methods.


Voidstones: 4
Favourites: 10
Atlas Points: 115

Additional Atlas Passive points should be used on nodes which grant 0.5% chance for Maps to be duplicated.


PRO TIP: When setting up to run this strategy it is recommended that you purchase enough materials to complete a sizeable set of maps, failing to do this makes selling your drops far more difficult and you'll constantly be trading to purchase additional materials.

Map Choice

This Boss Rushing strategy uses Shaper Guardian Maps which can be purchased from other players. If you have a build capable of using the Map Boss Drops an additional Shaper Guardian Map Charged Compass your maps are easy to sustain.

Map Device

  • Influence: Maven Witness
  • Essence - 3 Chaos Orbs; Map contains 3 additional Essence Monsters. This is achieved by allocating the Seventh Gate Keystone on the Atlas Passive Tree.


Apply the Mandatory compasses to your Voidstones, consider using some of the high budget compasses if you can afford them and your build is capable of them.

Map Boss Drops an additional Shaper Guardian Map

Atlas Passive Tree

Boss Rush Passive Tree

Destructive Play is an important feature as it causes Maven to spawn additional bosses which can all drop additional Influence Maps and Invitations that mop bosses can typically drop. Importantly; These additional bosses do not gain the benefits of the Charged Compass used in this strategy.

Essence Passives increase the tier of the Essences you find. It also causes Essence monsters containing a Shrieking Essence to be duplicated.

Delirium is a fast mechanic as you can simply progress normally through the map and receive Delirium Orbs at the end. Aim to generate 5 reward tiles on your highest delirium reward.

Stream of Consciousness increases the chance of seeing additional content within your maps but inhibits your ability to use fragments. This strategy does not use Fragments making this a great choice to increase the likelihood of encountering a Trial of the Goddess or Delirium Mirror.

Trial of Glory is a very powerful Atlas Passive, however, only enter and complete the Trial if it states the it awards an Improved Offering to the Goddess.


Rolling Maps

  1. This strategy gains no benefit from increasing the Item Quantity, Rarity or Pack Size on your maps. So run them white.
  2. Maven's Invitation: The Formed should be rolled for atleast 60% Quantity but be mindful of modifers that make them too difficult for your build.

Running Maps

With a strategy like this it is important to recognize that almost all of your returns are the result of high probability valuable items. This means you should utilize a strict filter and focus only on the points listed below. Do not waste time full clearing the map as it is not rolled and don't stop for random league mechanics.

Pre Map -

  • Prepare a set of 4 maps, Lair of the Hydra Map, Pit of the Chimera Map, Maze of the Minotaur Map and Forge of the Phoenix Map.
  • Take in a stack of Remnant of Corruption.
  • Make sure you have the Maven Influence selected.

Step 1 - All of these maps are very linear, simply rush through the map as quickly as possible.
Step 2 - Kill any Essences you encounter and remember to use a Remnant of Corruption on monsters containing the following Essences.

  • Screaming Essence of Envy
  • Screaming Essence of Dread
  • Screaming Essence of Scorn
  • Screaming Essence of Misery

Step 3 - Defeat the Map Boss.

Loot Breakdown

Here are the drops you should sell with this strategy, if you are struggling to sell league specific loot refer to the loot portion of our Invitation and Essence guides for information about selling.


Boss Rushing



Written by Milkybk
Reviewed by Facefoot, Tenkiei

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